Wednesday, December 5, 2018

I'm A Wreck, But I Persevere - LOL

I am here to assure you that zombies are real - from personal experience. I'm fitting into the zombie category after being up WAY late (for me) due to the movie last night and the fact that the alarm on my phone still awakened me at 3:15 am. *sigh* No rest for the wicked ... nope. 

My alarm clock went off WAY too early this morning. 

The movie ("Ralph Wrecks the Internet") was really delightful, had us laughing out loud quite often, and carried a bit of a preachy message of allowing your friends to be themselves, and that true friendship will survive change. It's a Disney film, and the parts I adored the most were when all of the Disney princesses were gathered together interacting. The sayings on each girl's new shirt were totally awesome, and the way they worked together to save Ralph, in typical Disney Princess magic fashion, was awesome. Strong female characters abounded in this movie, and that really made it for me. 

I totally loved the Disney princesses in Wreck It Ralph 2. Do you recognize
all of them? They have sass and attitude and are brave and think on the run.
Great role models for a change! 

Of course, the movie meant that I didn't get home until 9:45 pm, at which time I needed to get the trash collected for today's trash truck and make sure my first load of laundry was ready to start as soon as I got home from the pool today. I didn't get to bed until 10:15 pm, and it was at least another quarter hour before I finally was asleep. Hmmm .... that's 4-3/4 hours of sleep last night. ZOMBIE explained! 

I was totally lost in a maze of construction and one-way streets. What a
mess! Thank goodness the one man was able to figure a way for me to
get my car out, and I got a free car wash in addition - LOL. 

Yesterday I mailed all of my international holiday cards and a good part of my domestic ones, with the last of the bunch getting mailed today. I went to the airport post office because they opened at 7:00 am. I wanted to purchase my international stamps and get those cards going quickly. BUT ... I took a wrong turn, got into a construction area by mistake, traveled over a couple of tire piercing barriers (the correct way, so my tires are fine), and finally found myself completely stuck near the final check-out point for returned rental cars. After casting my idiocy upon the whims of the guys moving the cars slowly through the process (more of a parking lot than actual movement), one buy reversed the car at the front of the car wash line, motioned me through the car wash, and I was finally out of the First Circle of Hell and on my way to the correct roadway. Bonus - I got a free car wash. But it also ate up a half-hour of time. 

Watch your mail boxes, the cards are on
their way to you. *Hugs* to all! 

The adventures of my life - LOL. No grass growing under my feet (of course, it's December in the Frozen Northlands, so no grass at all). I get my hair cut shorter today, so no phone convo with Aearwen (already suffering withdrawal - but we're back on schedule for next week). I hope all of you have a wonderful Wednesday, and that you don't get lost on your way to your goals today. I'll return tomorrow. 

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