Wednesday, November 7, 2018

It Was a Women's Celebration In the Frozen Northlands

On Facebook, after I had voted, I posted a quick note about how after DH and I had negated each other's votes, we headed off to have a nice breakfast before I continued on to the shop for a day's work. I must admit that DH and I didn't cancel each other's votes out 100%. There was a single candidate that we both voted for - Amy Kloubachar, our US Senator. DH voted for her because she didn't advertise, and the few ads she did run were positive, not mud-slinging hatred. I voted for her because I think she's totally fabulous! 

I really like Amy Klobuchar as our Senator. She's intelligent and
truly "Minnesota Nice", but not afraid to express an opinion. She's
effective and respected. 

But with that single exception, he and I voted completely opposite candidates. Yet, somehow, we manage to make things work in our shared home life. It's NOT easy. We ride a river that alternates between smooth waters in stunning landscapes, to vivid rapids and whitewater whirlpools confined between steep canyon walls. I'm not sure if all relationships are that volatile, but I can tell you in all sincerity, it leads to an interesting life. 

I wasn't sure if Tina Smith would pull it off. She had been appointed
by the Governor to take over Al Franken's Senate position when
Franken retired suddenly. But Tina managed to pull off a win
against a strong female opponent. I'm very pleased. 

How do DH and I make it work? Obviously we must be doing something right, we're coming up on our 40th wedding anniversary next year. Still, we stumble - a lot - we have our own ways of interacting through the rough spots, and I'm not sure if we manage to actually do it right. When push comes to shove, however, I usually count on time working some magic. It usually works. 

Ilhan Omar pulled in 78% of the vote, becoming
the first Somali Muslim refugee female elected
to the House. Bravo! 

I'm proud of my state, though. We retained our reputation for Democratic and liberal views at the polls. We elected a preponderance of Democratic candidates, among whom was Ilhan Omar, a Somali Muslim refugee who now represents our 5th District in the House - by more than 78% of the vote. We also elected Angie Craig and Dean Phillips - two other Democrats who had fought hard-fought campaigns. Even if DH voted Republican, my liberal leanings called it! I'm rather happy today - LOL. 

Angie Craig managed to defeat incumbent Jason Lewis and take
over his seat in the House in a contentious and hard-fought
campaign. She probably would have won in the last election, but
there had been a third candidate who pulled votes away from
her. No third candidate this time - she was a clear victor. 

I hope you have a tremendous Wednesday. I have a 7:00 am!!! meeting with the insurance company to get Medicare sorted out and DH enrolled for a December 1st start. It seems that the easy-going hours and walk-ins of January through September disappear as sign-up deadlines arrive - 7:00 am is a pretty early appointment time and it was the ONLY time open when I set the appointment up more than three weeks ago! I'll return tomorrow, hopefully with health insurance nailed for another year. 

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