Friday, October 5, 2018

Thoughts in the Cold of Early Autumn

It's autumn and it's allergy season. I'm reaching for the tissue box so regularly that it's a very good thing I buy them in 4-pack and 8-pack quantities. I'm motoring through the tissues so much that once again I'm thinking I should own stock in the companies that make them. *sigh* But the autumn weather does have benefits. Sleeping. That's a serious benefit of our current temperatures. I'm not waking up every two hours, and I'm not waking up before my alarm goes off in the morning. I consider that a total win! 

Older freshwater pearls were often odd-shaped. Those that
were uniform were worth more than diamonds before
pearls were grown and cultured. 

I got a fun repair at the shop yesterday - a strand of old odd-shaped freshwater pearls that need restringing. It's knotted between each pearl, so I'll get a chance to do real pearl work again and I love the challenges of repairing good quality pearls. Although these freshwater pearls are odd-shaped, the lustre is spectacular. I've got the silk stretching out now, so I should be able to tackle this within a day or two. 

Our Gate Gargoyles are trained to not allow people into
the gym until just before 5:00 am. Lord forbid they
actually opened the doors five minutes earlier. 

Of course there are negatives that come along with the colder weather, the major one being standing in front of the locked doors of the YMCA in the early morning, waiting for the gate gargoyle to unlock the doors for us. Although there is a small antechamber before the building proper, the gargoyles are under strict instructions to NOT allow anyone into the building prior to opening. That means we all get to stand outside, rain, shine or snow, waiting for the keeper of the keys to unlock and allow us entry. Ridiculous. Yesterday it was cold and windy and we were all freezing in the new colder temps while waiting for the doors to open. Many of us are over 60 years old, but "policies" won't allow us to be comfortable and safe. No. We have to be cold and shivering. At least the pool's water seems nice and toasty warm after standing in the cold like that. 

We're thinking about peppering the next four weeks with her
remaining five vacation days. That way it won't be a burden
on anyone having to work an extra day to cover for her. 

So today is short and sweet. Chickie is still due five days of vacation. We settled with the calendar yesterday and penciled in five days. I need to run those by the others affected and make sure the days would be covered, but I don't expect a problem. We'll see. She needs the time to continue packing her apartment. She's looking for a duplex to purchase with her Mom, each of them would live in one of the two sides or one of the two stories, depending on the architecture. They would be able to help each other as they get older, without as much worry, and it would give Chickie something to rent out after Claire is no longer around. It's a really good solution for her and her Mom, if they can find one they like within their dollar restraints. 

Here's hoping you are having a wonderful autumn. It might be colder, but it's my favorite time of the year. Now that we've had a cold snap, the trees are starting to turn wonderful colors. Next week is usually our peak color time, so I'll see about trying to get some photos to share over the next few days. Have a great Friday and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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