Saturday, October 6, 2018

Getting My Thoughts In Order - Oh! Look! There's a Butterfly!

Once again my sleep is being interrupted by stress - this time figuring out Medicare, time frames for switching over and changing other things that will have to go along with it, and our new, expanded  drivers license requirements. It's a darned good thing I don't have to do all of these at once, but almost everything is coming within the next six months or so, therefore, my clock is ticking. 

Time to pay attention to my ticking clock. I may not
want to deal with things, but deadlines are firm and
plans have to be in place before then. 

This is a post to allow myself to prioritize - it's not earthshaking, it's not pretty pictures or stuff, it's just getting my thoughts into order which is frustrating enough sometimes. I'm more of an "Let's see, bring out the spreadsheets ... Oh! Wait! Look at the pretty butterfly!" kind of a person. So, I guess this might be a mish-mash, but I'll try. 

Oooooh, A butterfly. Well, why not! I'll populate the rest
of this post with beautiful butterflies because that's a
lot prettier to look at than forms and calendars. 

First is health insurance - Medicare for DH, regular for me for a while longer. That doubles the planning because - two different types of plans, possibly two or more insurance carriers. The only absolute is that we like the clinic we go to and the doctors we see there and would like to stay with their system. Figuring this out is high priority though - plans came live on the first of this month, and actual costs will go live in another nine days. Planning ... planning ... 

This gorgeous butterfly is the Blue Morpho, found in South America.
I love the fabulous iridescent turquoise of its' wings. 

Next will be contacting and talking to some people regarding finances which will have to be moved from one type of account to another. No specifics here - LOL. Look for the bear behind the next tree instead. It's going to take some phone calls and maybe a quick touch of base with our accountant to know exactly what to do here ... so - forest, meet trees, meet chain saw. I need a clear pathway and some clear directions for this one. 

This lovely butterfly from the Carolinas in the USA is obviously
a Denver Broncos fan. Just look at that blue and orange

The driver's license issue will be a total pain for me, much less of one for DH. He's a local boy. Even though he was adopted, he has a birth certificate that doesn't look like a joke, he has adoption papers that are readable, and although his passport is expired, he's got lots of documentation and an uninterrupted history within our area of the city. Me? I'm not so lucky. I'm going to have to check a lot of things out before I get my license renewed. I don't have to do the super spiffy all access license right away - I can push that off for a year or so - but I do have to seriously look into my ridiculous lack of paperwork and start plugging some holes. 

This lovely butterfly is called the Mexican Bluewing and is found in
northern Mexico and southern Texas. There is concern that it may
be impacted by "The Wall" between the USA and Mexico. 

It's much harder to live in our information age in so many ways. We live in an age of suspicion and anger. Because of that, walls have slammed down and all T's must be crossed and I's must be dotted. In block letters and printed format. My T's are actually crossed and my I's are dotted, but mine are in cursive with spirals and a bit of graffiti. It's all there - just a lot harder for me to get to. 

This spectacular butterfly is called the "Golden Cocoon", although I
couldn't find a lot of info. It's so pretty, though, with all of those
varied shades of purple. 

So there you have it - my thoughts laid out for the day. What a laugh ... what a mess! I think I need a really good swim to get some of the stress out of my life right now. Have an excellent weekend, hug someone special, and start thinking about your Halloween costumes and treats. Samhain is coming up quickly. I'll be back on Monday. 

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