Thursday, October 4, 2018

Acting On A Reward - Food and An Alert

Every once in a while the stars align and I get a treat. Yesterday was one of those rare days when time and circumstances merged and possibilities existed. You may remember when Sharon visited at the end of August/beginning of September to attend the State Fair with me. As always, we kicked our vacation time off with a lovely dinner at Red Lobster - a favorite place to eat. I am a member of their purchase club, even though I only eat there a few times a year. So, I scanned my receipt at the time and received a reward. Huzzah! It's always wonderful to receive an award - LOL. 

I joined the rewards program in the spring, but
since I don't eat there often, hadn't cashed
in my reward until yesterday. It was a
lovely lunch and I enjoyed it a great deal. 

My reward consisted of a choice of three things, but of the three I was only interested in one: a free "Choose Your Own Lunch Combination" meal. There was a deadline by which it had to be redeemed, of course, but that date was in November, so I had plenty of time. Yesterday, the stars and the laundry and the errands all aligned and I decided to indulge. 

I do love their biscuits, and indulged by eating
two of them! I'll have to work extra hard in the
swimming pool today to get the two pounds
back off, and it was worth it! 

It was delightful. I chose grilled shrimp and grilled scallops, I indulged in lobster and cheese mashed potatoes for my veggie, and it also included a side salad and their cheddar-baked biscuits. I added in a glass of iced tea. Total for the meal ... $4.28! Ridiculously inexpensive and oh, so good! I added a nice tip to make the total $10 and considered it well worth it. I even got points for the lunch added to my rewards account for my next reward. Total SCORE! 

The signal for the Presidential Alert was loud and somewhat
obnoxious, but I think it's quieter than that used for Amber
Alerts or tornado warnings. 

While at lunch my phone went off with the Presidential Nationwide Emergency Alert. I had been expecting it, so it was a simple matter of one-two seconds to push my phone screen and silence the tone, but I did find it amusing to hear it from many other phones throughout the restaurant. Did you get your phone emergency noise yesterday? Although it was supposed to have reached all electronic phones, etc., there apparently were some people whose phones did not buzz the alarm. It's an annoying sound, but I have to admit that the Amber and Silver Alert sounds are worse. 

So, with memories of a lovely day behind me, errands and laundry accomplished, plus a wonderful hour-long chat with Aearwen, I called my Wednesday complete. I'm ready to return to the work world now, so Thursday be warned! Have a great day and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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