Friday, September 14, 2018

Too Many Legs and a Truck Update

I'm super stressed, not sleeping well, and over the past 24 hours, have killed three house centipedes in my home. I'm not having a really great 24 hours. Then again, things can only improve, right? These bugs really bug me - (chuckling and hiding from the pun). They aren't the really big centipedes that can bite and cause pain. No, these are the little guys, usually anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inches long. They destruct pretty easily with a shoe or slipper, or, in the case of the mini-me who was just running across my computer keyboard, my finger. I have to be quick on the draw with these guys, though. They're fast with all these legs. 

Sorry if you're not fond of bugs. This is a house
centipede - something that I'm not fond of and
that I've been killing too often lately. It must
be fall! 

I'm getting these guys in the house because it's almost autumn up here in the Frozen Northlands and they're looking for a nice warm place to spend the winter and raise a family. I can't really blame them for that, but I'm trying to eliminate the "Vacancy" sign that seems to be raised at centipede level somewhere in the exterior grounds. I would prefer they find another place to winter over. I'll go on killing them when they intercept my pathway. It's what I do. (My cats used to love stalking and playing with them - silly kitties.) 

I would be much happier if we had been able to go to the dealership
last night. It just wasn't going to happen, though. I think
Saturday will work, but it's a lot tighter on time. 

DH and I were "supposed" to have gone to the truck dealership last night to test drive the truck I think DH will enjoy. It didn't happen. He stressed out about it, and raised concerns about his driving in the dark - something he doesn't like doing any more. I phoned my sales guy and set something up for late Saturday instead. I get off work an hour earlier so it gives us more light. 

It's not going to happen without problems, though. I'll have to close the shop 30 minutes early on Saturday and DH will only have time to look at and drive the truck. If he likes it, he can give them a small check to hold the truck for us and we will return later next week on an evening to finalize all of the paperwork, etc. I wouldn't be pushing so hard, except I think DH will really like the truck a lot and we need this finished. I'm spending WAY too much time finding the best vehicle for our needs right now and have other things (think Holiday Cards) that I actually need to be working on. 

Maybe the house centipedes have multiplied over the past few days just because they knew I needed a stress reducer, it is rather cathartic to smash them to smithereens. At any rate, I've got to get this truck thing resolved because I'm too stressed to sleep. I'm averaging around five hours a night right now, and that's not functional for me. 

Tomorrow's post will feature some serious Project Runway news that just broke over the past 24 hours. Ooooooh! Cliffhanger - LOL. Here's hoping you have a Totally Fabulous Friday! I think I need to take out some of my basic frustration in the water. Hopefully the pool won't be as crowded today as it was yesterday. We were crazy busy at 5:30 am! Go figure! 

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