Thursday, September 13, 2018

I Love Trucks

Trucks are fun! I had forgotten how much I enjoy pickup trucks, so it was fun to wander the sales areas and to test drive a few models of trucks yesterday. I did come up with two firm recommendations for DH, one of which I'm leaning toward a bit harder. It's going to have to be up to him, though, since it will be his truck. I'm pushing to go test drive the Toyota tonight after work, so we'll see if he ends up in favor of that or not. Guess I'd better get some gas into Minion - I'm low in the tank and I don't want to tempt the traffic jams in the end stages of rush hour. 

I always wanted to drive a Peterbilt top of the line big
rig, but I've never had the opportunity. Oh well, there's
certainly no room for one in my garage. 

Although I've never owned a truck, I've driven quite a few of them over the years ... everything from small pickups to larger hauling vans. I've always found them to be great fun, and would have looked into making a living driving the big rigs if life hadn't thrown other career directions into my path. Admittedly, there's not a lot of commonality between a big rig and a compact pickup truck, but I'll still enjoy driving DH's truck, no matter what model he ends up choosing. 

The Chevy Colorado Extended Cab is one of the two trucks
I looked closer at. I think it would do well for DH, but that he
would get more for his money with the Toyota. 

Yesterday, after my swim, I headed out to do a few errands and to drive over to the two automobile dealerships I had chosen. I wanted to catch the salespeople soon after the stores opened. I planned on checking out Chevy and Toyota trucks. I was leaning toward the Toyota, but had a lovely perk of a $50 gift card of my choice if I test drove a truck at the Chevy dealership. SCORE! I drove a larger Silvarado at the Chevy dealership and loved driving the larger truck, but ended up thinking their smaller truck, the Colorado, would be the best choice for DH. 

I really liked the Toyota Tacoma SR5 Extended Cab. The reviews
were a bit spotty, but I think it will do better at what DH wants
a truck for than the Colorado will (and I loved the color). I really
want DH to take a test drive. 

I then drove over to the Toyota dealership which was hopping. It's one of the largest dealerships in the Upper Midwest and it showed. They had more than 20 salespeople and the desks were pushed in almost randomly. I really liked the salesman who approached me first. He was laid back, not pushy at all, and he had me into the Tacoma and behind the wheel within 20 minutes. Great truck! 

I'm not fond of pushy car salespeople, but really liked the
salespeople I was working with yesterday. The Chevy
woman was from Cornwall, England, and the Toyota man
was from Canada. Lots to talk about outside of cars. 

I'm pushing DH to buy the Toyota because I think it is the superior truck, but I think he would be happy with either one. The reviews are close, the options are close, there are some definite pluses for the Toyota over the Chevy, but it comes down to his choice. After driving them and then coming back home to measure the garage (either one will fit, but just barely!), I was finally able to continue my day's chores, topping my day off with a nice long chat with Aearwen. 

Here's hoping all of you have a wonderful Thursday. It's always best to let DH cogitate a bit, so he'll be thinking about trucks all day and looking things up on his own. Then we'll see what suits him. Enjoy your day and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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