Monday, July 9, 2018

Heat, Time Trials and Audio Books - A Ramble for a Monday

We're back in another heat wave, but I spent a lazy Sunday sitting under the umbrella on the patio, watching DH work hard on the backyard project in the heat. I wasn't being mean - if he had needed my help I would have been helping him. He was hauling dirt down from the front yard, packing the eastern bank, the one closest to the creek, and generally trying to get things done before mid-afternoon, which he almost accomplished. After a trip to Dairy Queen to buy lots of cold stuff, he was feeling much better and we perched in front of the fan and watched an episode of "Midsommer Murders" followed by the latest "Endeavour". All in all, a good day. 

The Team Time Trial rides a 35.5 km route through
some rolling hills, starting and ending in the
town of Cholet. 

Today is the Team Time Trial in Le Tour de France. It's not the most exciting day of the race, but a lot can happen in these time trials; positions can shift, accidents can happen, and teams can truly show their mettle. It's early days still, so shake-ups this early on can still be surmounted. Not for much longer, though. With each day that passes the rankings become more defined and which riders to watch out for this year continue being refined. So far there aren't any surprises, but they will come. It's inevitable. 

I've been listening through TJ Klune's epic series of
the Tales of Verania. I'm on Book Three of the four
right now, but the fourth hasn't been released in
audio format yet. I own it as an e-book, but this
series I prefer to listen to. I'll have to be patient, but
I'm not the best at that. 

I'm approaching the end of my current audio book - I listen to audio books while I swim. There's one more book in the 4-book series. It's been recorded, but it's still in the editing process and hasn't been released yet. ARGH! I'm going to be left hanging and will have to choose a different author for my next swimming book. That may drive me a bit crazy, but change is good, right? LOL

I hope all of you have a great Monday. It's a hard day - back to work, beginning of a new week, etc., etc. Still, poor Monday tries to put a good face on it. It's not easy being Monday. 

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