Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Le Tour de France Day 4 - A Jewel of a Start

It's Day 4 of Le Tour de France and today is another sprinter's day. So far each of those days has resulted in crashes of varying magnitude, some important contenders leaving the race because of their injuries. It's a fairly flat ride of 195 k with a surprisingly straight 4 k finish featuring a slight incline on the final 2 kilometers. The ending location is Sarzeau, the home town of UCI President David Lappartient. We're still close to the western coast of France for this stage, 

It's a lot of rolling hills, since the boys are still fairly
close to the Atlantic coast. On the far right of the
map you can see a slight incline. That's going to be
a nice test for the tired legs of the sprinters, who
will be testing each other throughout the day. 

The stage map is nothing special, but the sprinters are going to be salivating for this stage. It's truly made for the sprinters in all respects, and they'll go all-out since the next few days following are quite a bit nastier. The riders will go all-out for the win today. 

What a beautiful photo of Guerande. The colors, shapes and
abstract fitting really appeal to me. I could enjoy a painting
like this, but here it is, in real life! Wonderful! 

I loved the photo above of the start location of Guerande. It's a spectacular Medieval town famous for its granite walls and salt flats. It looks like panes of glass set into jewelry in this photo. What a fabulous locale. 

So today, as I run off to cool off  (and work out) in the pool, I'll be waiting to get time to watch some of today's stage while I'm at work. I have a lot to do at the shop today, but the towns the riders will be passing through will be worth the look. Have a wonderful Tuesday and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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