Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Goal Was Catching Up, The Reality Wasn't

So crazy - that's what awaited me when I got back to the shop after just a few days off. My first task was washing all of the counters. I really hate it when I feel grit as I put things back into position. I still have to do a major floor sweep, but at least the counters look better. 

Customers were nicely spaced out, until mid-afternoon when we suddenly got a bunch of people at the same time. This is challenging for Chickie and I, but a real stretch for my Manager and I since he had to help people and his hearing is compromised. But we persevered, got everyone set up with their purchases, and got everyone back out before the next rainstorm hit. 

I sell sheet metal in copper, nickle silver and
red brass, as well as smaller sheets of
sterling silver. It's always hard to get to the
right thickness for restocking. The new system
is much easier, although it took hours to get
it designed and constructed. 

I sell sheet metal - three different base metals (nickle silver, red brass and copper) in gagues (thicknesses) from 16 (thickest) to 28 (thinnest). These are in storage in 6x36 sheets, and have always been really difficult to access easily for the purposes of restocking. We need to pull the 36" sheets and cut them down to 12" lengths before selling them, and it was always a PITA. Yesterday, my Manager got fed up with the old storage method that was really difficult to work with, so spent several hours making a new storage method that now keeps our overstock vertical instead of horizontal. It took him several hours of work to get this accomplished, but it's great. I'm very happy. 

I like this. We were busy getting the sheet metal
resolved yesterday, and we were also busy with
customers once we had managed to complete
that project. The timing was perfect! 

I spent the day in catch-up mode, though. I didn't get a lot of time to check my own projects out, but at least we had customers through the door, sales to make, and got a major storage system worked out and functional. All in all, it was a winning day. It'll take me a few more days to fall back into the groove and rhythm necessary for effective work, but I have confidence that I'll get there. At least my return to the water for my swim was wonderful. I expect that today's swim will also be. 

On that note, I'm hoping to get caught up with comments and your posts while at work today. At least that's the hope, if my computer cooperates. Have a great Tuesday and be kind. Sending *hugs* to all of you. 

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