Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Only One Day Off - I Need More Than That

I get a day off today and I really need it! OK, I just had a five-day vacation (well, two days of travel and three days of classes), but I'm behind on normal things - my emails mostly - and I need to get the last bit of my trip residue cleaned up and put away. 

I'm NOT this bad. I think I'd go crazy long before
things reached this point. But I still need to clean some
things up because my study is quickly going to
clutter and it's making me on-edge. 

Admittedly, I immediately washed, dried and put away my trip clothing when I arrived back home on Sunday, so today's just a regular laundry and garbage day. Also, yesterday I got all of my tools put away into the appropriate drawers/compartments of my tool cabinet or portable tool box. That was a major step. But I still have crap that I removed from my laptop bag before my trip that has to be reviewed, filed or shredded, with a small bit of it returned to the bag, and I have the promotional carryall sisal bag with miscellaneous promotional items or business cards from the show that I also have to review, cull and put away. 

I love this year's B&B Show promotional bag. They
issue registrants a bag every year that holds the
showfloor map and a few promotional items. It's
always a great size, but I loved the trendy look and
the sisal cloth of this year's bag. 

I'm not that neat a person, really I'm not. But like most of you, I have a limited amount of storage and walk-around space in my home and right now I'm tripping over the last few bits of junk. I'm not a clean freak, but I would like to reduce some of my clutter. That's my goal today (along with grocery shopping and several loads of laundry). 

Have you rebooted your router? I haven't done mine yet,
but I need to get that done today. 

I also need to spend some serious time at my computer and catch up with emails and notifications. I think I caught all of the major ones - emailed invoices and security notifications, primarily, but my in-boxes are getting overfilled again. I also need to shut down and restart my router for security purposes (that's making me a bit nervous, but it has to be done), and there are several other things on my loosely-structured agenda. I'm already feeling a bit sorry that I only have one day off. I could use more than that - LOL. 

Here's hoping that your Wednesday is spectacular. I'm aiming for that in my own day, too. I'm off to the pool and then will be ready to start my day. No rest, right? 

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