Monday, June 11, 2018

I'm Back Home Again!

I'm home. My bags are unpacked, the laundry is done, I only gained two pounds, so not bad at all, and I'm almost over my chest cold. I guess I'll find out how bad it still is when I'm in the pool in less than an hour. It took forever to get my emails from the week culled, so I don't have a magnificent "Im Home" post today, but it's really good to be back. 

Next year's show is June 2-9 and I'm already starting
to save. It'll be a pricey one, because there's actually a
Master Class that I want to take. Those classes are
multi-day and usually EXTREMELY expensive. I'm
starting to put aside my pennies and dollars right now. 

The show (my annual "vacation" at the Bead & Button Show if you forgot), was way fun. I had three excellent classes and will hopefully have a pic or two to share with all of you over the next day or so. I still had that damned chest cold, but the advantage of being in a room of my own was being able to set the climate conditions where I wanted them. I set the room temp high and left housekeeping a note at the thermostat telling them I was getting over a cold and wanted the temp to stay hot. They didn't touch the temperature setting, and I left them a tip every day. It was a good exchange. 

This time I was on the 10th floor, at the far end. It was an
extremely quiet room and I really appreciated that. The Hotel
gifted me with a free appetizer card on them for the years
I have stayed with them. That ended up being my dinner
on the first night. Bar-b-qued chicken wings - a winner. 

Going back to the Hyatt is always wrapped up in seeing friends who have worked there for years and years. Andy and Koty took great care of me in the bar. I had a chance to catch up on what they've been up to, their pets and their kids and their various building projects. I was introduced to other members of the bar's crew, and I had to force the guys to accept a tip or two. Maria, in the restaurant, was a strong hug and a "So good to see you again" at breakfast. There were a couple of other waiters who also were long-time friends. Strong coffee and good food - a winning combination. 

The Bistro 333 bar is where I'm usually sitting after classes before
I go back to my room to veg out and sleep. It's a comfortable
place to spend time, and Andy, Koty and Adam treat me
with extraordinary kindness. 

I got a hug from my waiter at my favorite Thai restaurant when I went there for dinner on Thursday night. I explained how he had convinced me to do my Volcano Chicken last year, and how good it was. He laughed, and then we repeated the order for this year. It was just as good, it was just as spicy (just a hair less than in tears, spicy) and it was magnificent. The best thing about it is that I get two meals from it. I took the second half back to the hotel, put it into my mini fridge, and had it for dinner again the next night - just as good on the second day. Heaven on a plate. 

I love the Volcano Chicken at "The King and I" Thai restaurant. It's
located right across the street from the hotel, and it's excellent food. 

My classes were wonderful and I learned a lot. I saw old friends, and got lots of hugs from lots of people. By the end of my five days, I was feeling better (still not over my chest cold, but vastly improved), I had one completed project and two in process, I had twenty carrier beads beaded (every chance I got I was beading another bead in the series), and I had three new sets of pliers and one beautiful cabochon stone from my favorite stone guy. 

So yes, despite the work that I know is waiting for me, and the weight I need to start getting back off, it was a glorious few days away from work. I consider the backlog of work awaiting me to be a total win/win, balanced with my trip to Milwaukee. I'm home now, and it's time to see how I can apply what I learned. It's all good. I hope your days were just as good as mine, and I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with some photos. 

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