Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Entering Silent Mode

Beginning tomorrow, I'm in silent mode and won't be posting to my blog until Monday, June 11th. I still don't have anything packed for the trip I leave on tomorrow, but I'm rather brilliant at quick-packing when needed. My head and chest cold are wearing out, apparently days (and nights) of NyQuil are working and I'm actually surviving this Spring cold. Still - I have a suitcase on the floor of my living room with no clothing in it, so I guess I'm super-packing tonight. 

I'd better get things packed tonight. I'm really pushing things
until the last minute for my annual "vacation" this year. 

I'll miss all of you, of course, and I'll have my laptop along because I can't be totally cut off from my electronic world, but I won't be as "on the ball" with things because my head will be in a very different creative space. 

I'm bringing my CraftOptics telescopic glasses along with me
because I need the prescription updated on them. Hopefully I
can either leave them at the booth or get instructions on where
to mail them for that new lens. 

I hope I'll return from my classes with new ideas, new projects and new enthusiasm. All of those things have been lacking lately and that disturbs me. I really need a creative jump-start and I'm hoping that sharing the convention center with so many other talented people will help me do exactly that. 

Most of the classes are held in the Milwaukee Convention Center,
which also houses the various events and the sales floor. Some other
classes are held in each of the two host hotels - the Hyatt and the
Hilton. It can be a lot of walking, but since I won't be at the gym
for a few days, the exercise will be welcome. 

So be good, take care of one another, continue writing, reading, and commenting, and I'll be back with a new post on Monday. At least, that's the goal. Have a great week! 

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