Monday, June 4, 2018

It Was A Lazy Sunday and Beading Carrier Beads

Yesterday's goal was to pack, and I did ... a little bit. I got the suitcase out from storage and put it into a larger room, and I did make sure that the last few items needed for my classes had been gathered together, ready to go. But I didn't pack clothes or cosmetics/shampoos, etc. Guess I'll be naked? Well, not quite. But it's not a huge trip - only three days at the conference and two travel days, so I won't need to pack a lot. Additionally, I'm still low energy right now because I've still got this damned chest/head cold. So I spent most of yesterday beading instead of doing anything more constructive. DH played his computer game and had the TV on the baseball game. It was a really quiet and boring day. 

I've been spending my time working with carrier beads. These
glass (or plastic - I use the glass ones) are two-holed tablets
which are sized to be covered with Delica beadwork patterns. 

Today kicks off a week where I'm only working Monday and Tuesday because I leave for Milwaukee on Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to getting away for a few days, but also am hoping that I'm more recovered before I leave because I'm a bit dizzy (that's dizzy, not ditsy), and I don't like to drive distances if I'm not 100%, even if it is an easy drive that I've done for years and years. Tonight and tomorrow night, I guess I'd better pack for real. 

For example, here several beaded carrier beads have been
assembled into a fun bracelet. 

I spent Sunday beading carrier beads. Carrier beads are a glass or acrylic shaped 2-hole bead (think shaping similar to a bed pillow) that is sized to be covered with a small beaded cover sewn with Delica beads. The patterns usually are either 6 or 7 beads across and 48 to 50 beads long, so they're very short and easy. I'm having fun with them and playing a bit, something that I haven't indulged in for a while. I've peppered this page with carrier bead projects from others so that you get a small idea of what I've been working with. 

Here, a variety of patterns still look harmonious because
they use a basic palette of colors to form the carrier bead
necklace components. Each bead takes 30-60 minutes to
bead, depending on pattern and the beader's skill. 

I'm off to the Chiropractor today. Usually I'd be swimming first, but the WBL pool is closed for two weeks while undergoing cleaning and repair work. So I gave myself an extra 45 minutes to sleep, and I'll drive to my Chiro directly from home without dropping off at the YMCA first. Have a glorious Monday and I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully with some clothes in my suitcase). 

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