Saturday, June 2, 2018

Reality TV Is Hitting High Stride

Just a quick post today since I leave for the pool soon. I'm feeling a bit better, thanks to all of the "get well soon" messages from many of my readers and on-line friends. I purchased a different medication yesterday and it seems to be working much more effectively. I'm still exhausted, but tomorrow I can sleep in. 

City qualifying rounds are usually held in several cities
throughout the nation. This year's event started with the
Dallas, Texas qualifiers last night. The setup was at the
Texas State Fair grounds, a place known for fun and crowds. 

Did anyone catch the beginning of the current season of American Ninja Warriors last night? It was the start of the city competitions and a lot of fun to watch as athletes went head-to-head in Dallas to cull down to the top 30 contestants. I don't know how many regional competitions will be held for this season, but it's always a treat to watch the contestants try and beat the course. 

Face-Off Battle Royale, season 13 of the popular show, will
begin on Tuesday. I've enjoyed the show since its' first season
and will be sorry to see it go, but it's always fun watching the
contestants make phenomenal transformations with their
make-up skills. 

One of my favorite reality competition shows will return for it's final season beginning on Tuesday. Face-Off, a featured special effects makeup competition, will feature some of the best of prior season's competitors as they battle head-to-head. I've loved the show since the beginning, and although I'll be sorry to see it leave, it should be a great competition with which to say good-bye. Check your schedules for Tuesday on the SyFy channel to catch this one. 

Battle Bots pits one fighting robot against another and
parts go flying on occasion. It's hard action and way fun! 

Have you been watching Battle Bots? This engineering competition always is a fun one to watch. The current season is a few episodes in, but it's always great fun. It's on Friday nights on the Discovery channel, so if you haven't been aware that there's a new season ongoing, now you know. 

On MasterChef this season, each chef will mentor eight
home chefs they feel may achieve the ranking of
MasterChef. It's going to be an interesting head-to-head
between the three masters. 

Finally, MasterChef started it's newest season on Fox earlier this week on Wednesday. In a different twist, each of the three judges - Gordon Ramsey, Aaron Sanchez and Joe Bastianich  - have eight aprons they will award to home cheft they feel have the skills and the drive to make them the winner of MasterChef. If a contestant is offered an apron from more than one chef, they can choose whose apron they want. The apron promises mentorship by that particular chef for the eight contestants he has chosen. 

So there's lots of reality TV taking up the front half of my summer and that makes me very happy. I might not be competing in the events, but I can watch and enjoy them. I'm heading out to the outdoor pool and I wish all of you an excellent weekend. I'll be back on Monday. 

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