Friday, June 1, 2018

I Hate Being Sick

I hate being sick and I don't make a good patient. I don't have the time or patience for it, I get grumbly when I don't feel up to snuff, and I'm fuzzy - decisions aren't as fast to arrive and errors creep into work. I'm in process of beading some smaller items - a fairly simple design element, but last night's effort was put down when 3/4 finished because I had to pull out yet another error and I'm also short on thread - something that rarely happens. It's sitting in front of me as I type this, mocking my inability to do a simple patterned strip of beadwork, less than two inches long. Pfah! 

I've been a beader for decades. This project, "Homage to Bastet", was
done in the late 1990's, but still looks great today. I wear it
every now and again. 

I took yesterday off from swimming and sat in the sauna for 15-20 minutes instead. I was hoping the hot moist air would help loosen some of the crap in my lungs. I'm not sure if I succeeded, but today is my lifeguard, Rachel's, last day and I want to be there to say good-bye. We had a little party for her last week, and we're all really happy for her because she's expecting a baby boy in the fall, but she's a long-time regular, knows us by name, knows who swims in what lane and where new people should go. She even cares enough to have a phone listing of her regular swimmers so that she can contact us if the pool is unexpectedly closed. We're going to miss that level of care. So I'll try to swim today and see if I can manage it. 

The sauna at the YMCA isn't quite this nice, but it's kept in
good repair and gets used a lot. It was helpful to sit in
there for 20 minutes or so yesterday morning instead of

DH was going to put a chicken-wire cage around the turtle nest yesterday, but he's starting to come down with this chest/head cold too, and ran out of energy. Hopefully he'll get it up today. The eggs won't hatch until late July/early August, and sometimes baby turtles remain in hibernation until the early Spring, so there's really no telling when/if we'll see little baby snapping turtles. He says that the nest looks undisturbed, though, so that's good. 

I'm living my life with the following right now - lots of
tissues, throat lozenges, ibuprofen and cough syrup. I
need new cough syrup, so I'll make a quick stop at
the pharmacy before heading over to the shop today. 

I guess I'm going to try to do what I can, today. This chest cold is really getting me down - lack of sleep because of coughing and a fuzzy brain are not great things to have at my doorstep as I start a new month. It is what it is, though, and I'll muddle through. Have a wonderful Friday. I think I'll try to swim today, but if I don't manage my usual mile I'm OK with that. At least I'll get some exercise and feel a bit less like a bump on a log. Enjoy your day! 

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