Saturday, May 12, 2018

It Was A Great Day

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes, e-cards and other lovely thoughts. Thanks also to those who gave donations to the Trevor Project in honor of my birthday. I'll be donating today when I get the final figures, but I'm so happy to have spread the news a bit about this worthwhile charity. 

I strongly believe in The Trevor Project. A large proportion
of suicides and the homeless are people who identify as
LGBTQIA. The Trevor Project saves lives. 

DH cooked for me - a really lovely meal. He made scallops in a slightly Asian flavored sear, made a lovely seafood linguine with small scallops, shrimp and crab, and had some mini garlic shrimp that he pan-fried on skewers. Asparagus accompanied the meal. It was wonderful and so thoughtful. His birthday card brought me to tears. He can be a real sweetie sometimes. 

My birthday dinner was fabulous. The scallops on the right
look quite dark, but it's the light sauce, not that they are
excessively burned. The meal was wonderful! DH even
washed the dishes! 

Chickie's mom, Claire, has become a good friend over the 20+ years we've known each other. She dropped by the shop yesterday with a card that was so amazing, I had to share with all of you. Just take a look at how incredibly gorgeous this is. I'm saving this card, for sure! 

I adore this quilled dragon. It's not a large
card, 5" x 7" in size, but it's so detailed! 

The card uses a technique called quilled paper - strips of paper tightly rolled and then hand-shaped and glued to card stock. They have a lovely website featuring their cards and larger matted art pieces. Just follow the link in my text if you're interested. I had looked into quilling when I was younger, as a possible artistic format for me. I had decided against it because it was a bit too persnickety for my personal taste, but I adore it as an art form. 

Here's a detailed look at that fabulous dragon card that
Claire gave me for my birthday. What a stunning
piece of art. I'm thrilled! 

So I had a lovely birthday and thank you to everyone. Now I'm going to have a great two days and I'll be back on Monday, ready to dive into another week. Have a good weekend and a safe one! 

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