Monday, May 14, 2018

A Return To Normal

The weekend is over and the work week returns. *sigh* Still, things could be worse. I have a job, I have a home, food on my table and money in the bank. I'm very fortunate. Around me Spring has finally sprung - our fruit trees are in bloom and all over town the tulips are blooming or getting ready to bloom. It was such a late Spring that we're running 2-3 weeks behind this year, but it finally arrived and I'm so happy! 

We're finally getting our flowering trees. It's my favorite time
of the year, only matched by our full color autumn. 

I'm delighted that I won't be shoveling the driveway before heading out to the gym every morning. I'm delighted that I won't be wondering if the roads will be icy. I will have to dodge raindrops - soft and gentle or hard and driving - but that's OK. I'll have to deal with occasional serious thunderstorms and tornado warnings, but we get thunderstorms in the winters too and tornadoes can happen any month of the year. Yes, even in the winter. 

Tornadoes can happen any month of the year, but we usually
will get them over the summer months. March through
November are our active tornado months. We're much
luckier than our neighbors in more southern states. We
don't get as many tornadoes, and they usually aren't quite
as severe. 

DH and I worked in the yard for a while yesterday, raking out the ornamental plant beds, raking up the grass thatch, and generally cleaning up the front yard a bit. He then raised the umbrella at our patio table, made us a couple of Margaritas, and we settled down for a nice stretch of just enjoying the beautiful weather, our backyard patio, and a wonderful afternoon. We don't get a chance to relax like that often, so it was a treat. 

I love the various flowering trees we have around town. Driving
down the roads, it seems like almost every home has at least
one flowering tree. The flowers won't be there for long, but
they are so beautiful! 

Today we're back to a normal schedule once more. Back to the swimming pool, then breakfast, then the shop, and finally back home again. Of course a lot of things happen between waking and returning to sleep, but that's the basics of the routine. It's a good one. 

I hope your Monday is fabulous and fantastic. I'll return tomorrow, at least that's the goal. Happy Monday to All! 

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