Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Weddings Make Me Think of Fashion

Fashion is going to be the focus for the next few days because the Royal Wedding will be happening on Saturday. I remember getting up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the wedding of Charles and Diana. I was living in a house that probably could have fit into the fountain in front of Buckingham Palace, working two jobs with occasional call-ins for a third, and watching every penny. It was like looking at a dream - satin and lace and fancy stuff everywhere. Those crazy hats that the British love - the "fascinators", and men in fancy dress uniforms wearing swords. Very kewl. 

Sara Burton designed the wedding gown of
Kate Middleton for her 2011 wedding to
Prince William. It's hard to believe it was
seven years ago. I really loved this
gown - it was sleek and stunning. 

I think I watched Kate and William's marriage because it was the thing to do. I liked it a bit more than the stifling formality of Charles and Diana's day. Kate and William seemed to bring a sense of fun to the equation, and there seemed to be some genuine love there, not just posturing for the cameras. Kate also didn't have that "deer caught in headlights" look that Diana sported. 

I thought Lady Diana Spencer's gown was over the top,
too crinkled (satin crinkles at the drop of a hat), and
those sleeves were over the top, not to mention that
insane train. Still, it was a fairy tale wedding for her. 

Now we're coming on to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding on Saturday. She's a lovely girl, and he's not too bad looking himself - LOL. They'll look great as they get all dressed up for the event. They are older (in their 30's) and a bit wiser (it's to be hoped), and the pressure isn't as intense because Kate and William have three children, so Harry's pushed back in the line. I suspect he's quite grateful about that. 

The wedding dress of the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, had the crazy
train look, but also was beautifully tailored and form fitting, similar
to Kate Middleton's choice. It was rather classic and quite
pretty. It's obviously been a good marriage for the two of them. 

It was important for Harry to be married with his grandfather, Prince Phillip, in attendance. He's very close to his grandfather, and since he's 96 years old, he wanted to get married quickly while his grandfather was still around to enjoy the show. The Royal Family in general are not spring chickens any more. The Queen is 92, and even Prince Charles is now 69. It's an aging generation.The Queen comes from a family line of long lived women, the Queen Mum lived to be 101 years old, so she might be around to bug everyone for a while longer. That's OK. She's a PITA, but she's also rather interesting. 

So all eyes will be on England for the next few days, as one of the more populated cities in the world deals with traffic closures, tons of visitors and media personnel, and the hoop-la that a royal wedding can produce. It should be fun. 

Project Runway will return for a seventeenth season on the
station that carried the show for the first five years. Bravo
will carry the show once again. The future had been in doubt
for the show after the Weinstein Company bankruptcy. 

On a lighter note, Project Runway will live on, moving back to Bravo from Lifetime. I'll have to see if I get that station on my cable package. We have one of the lesser packages, but it has almost everything we need, so no sense in paying more. For more information, click on the link

And, I'm off. It's Tuesday, I desperately need a better swim today than yesterday which was a haul, and I have a ton of things to do at work today, so it'll be a busy one. Enjoy your day! 

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