Friday, May 11, 2018

A Saga About Trees

It looks like today will be a busy one - mail orders to fill, lots of beads to tube and mark for clearance, and my own projects, including this blog, are getting a bit of short lead today. Still, I need to work to make money to afford my "extravagant" lifestyle - LOL. Thus, I need to do things like fill mail orders and answer questions about products. Unfortunately, responding to business-related emails really cut into my blog time today, so today's blog will be short and sweet. 

Xcel Energy is our local power and utility company. They
used to be known as NSP (Northern States Power) but
switched their name several years ago. 

In March, during one of our lulls of Winter when it looked as though Spring might have come to stay (total false advertising by Mother Nature, since our April 15th blizzard was still around the corner), I answered my front door to a representative from my local utility company. He requested permission to flag some of my trees for trimming so that the power lines wouldn't be impacted during our summer thunderstorms. I gave permission, and then really didn't think much more of it. 

The original removal order had been to trim the tree
tops so that the branches wouldn't endanger the
wires during storms. 

Apparently yesterday morning was THE DAY. DH happened to hear the doorbell (a bit of a miracle in itself) and responded, in his robe since he had taken his morning shower shortly beforehand. But even though he wasn't truly awake and was totally caught off-guard, he did brilliantly. 

We didn't have "Removal" notices on our two trees, but DH managed
to convince then to do that anyway. The pine tree is one we've wanted
down for many years, and the mulberry was starting to be just
too big for the location. I guess it's lucky they were in the way
of the utility wires. 

He managed to convince the tree trimmers to not just trim them, but to take down the mulberry and a pine tree that we had been wanting down that were originally only going to be trimmed by the crew. Not only did they take down the two trees for us, but they cleaned up the detritus and it didn't cost us a penny! That saved us about $1000 in tree removal fees from our tree company. So happy! 

I'm so happy to have these two trees down and out. It was a bit of
an inconvenience for DH, but he's pretty happy about the results too. 

After they left for the day, he baked me a cherry upside down cake for my birthday, and I think he bought scallops to make for my dinner tonight. I'm already looking forward to dinner - LOL. I hope each of you has a wonderful Friday, I know mine will be busy, but that's actually all to the good. I'll be back tomorrow, so be good, have fun, and do only kind things today. 

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