Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sweet or Savory - Which Would You Choose?

Tastes in human life tend to gather on two sides - sweet or savory. Which side would you put yourself on? I'm aware that most foods are a combination of these two extremes, but if there is a rack of food choices in front of you, or if you can choose anything you want to eat, which do you choose?

Which would you choose? Although I enjoy ice cream,
I'd probably choose the French fries. 

I admit that I almost always will choose on the side of savory. DH, on the other hand, tends to gravitate toward the sweet end of the spectrum. As a quick example, yesterday I cashed in my certificate for my birthday bagel with cream cheese.  There were many choices open to me - cinnamon-raisin, blueberry, even plain bagels, and the assortment of spreads was vast. I had no hesitation at all. 

There are a lot of different flavors for bagels. Although
plain, blueberry and everything bagels are popular,
onion, poppyseed and fruity bagels are also good. 

"An everything bagel with olive and chive spread, please," I requested. As I handed in my certificate in payment, I told the young lady at the cash register that it had been one of my best birthday gifts this year. I meant every word. It was a delightful lunch, and pushed all of my flavor buttons. 

I love sweet things too. In this sweet/savory combo, I would
be very tempted to go with the milkshake. 

If faced with a choice of salt or sweet, I'll choose the salt every time. I don't salt my food after cooking, in fact I rarely salt my food at all and my salt grinder is at the far end of the kitchen by the stove top, not at the table. DH prefers to grind pepper over his food when he wants additional flavor, so the pepper grinder is nearby at the table. But getting additional salt requires getting up from the table and walking to the far end of the kitchen. It has never seemed a handicap, and it's a journey we rarely take. 

Yes, I'd choose the mac n' cheese, but that's because I love
mac n' cheese so much more than cheesecake. 

I guess that translates into my interpersonal relationships also. I'm NOT a sweet person, although I can do sweet things. I've known people who were so sugary sweet they probably had to stay indoors when it was raining to avoid becoming a sweet gloop of watery syrup on the sidewalk. I don't have to worry about that fate. In fact, I'd survive a deluge. 

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On that note, I'm leaving this for the day. Enjoy your Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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