Friday, April 13, 2018

Snow Is A'Coming

Today we're wet, tonight we start snowing, and that's going to continue util Sunday morning. By the time this all ends we're going to get between 8"-12" of snow on the ground scattered over more than 24 hours, but still - it's a lot of snow. This is Spring at its worst. If the snow is wet and heavy, we'll get a lot of broken branches and possibly downed power lines. I'll probably be able to get to the gym OK tomorrow morning, but I'm not really looking forward to driving to work and, even less, to digging my car out from the parking lot after work. Oh well, tomorrow is as tomorrow does. 

It's not unusual for us to get at least one serious snowstorm a year,
but we're really tired of winter by now. I think it's time
for winter to leave so that we can have our two weeks of
spring before summer arrives. 

DH and I had a meeting with a banker at US Bank first thing yesterday morning. We brought the history of our hacked credit along with us and by the time we left 45 minutes later, the accounts had been tagged and closed and we were setting out to call and contact a lot of people. We've now got fraud alerts set up through the major credit bureaus, and alerts filed with the Social Security Administration, the Federal and State governments, etc. It could have been worse - we caught this very quickly. 

We have set up Fraud Alerts and contacted a lot
of people regarding this episode. DH is still
rather upset about the whole thing, I'm a bit
more laid back. We're on top of it, though. 

From the first phone call on Friday the 6th, we had everything shut down on the 12th. Only six days - I'm glad we caught it that quickly. When I first spoke to US Bank on the phone on Saturday, the social security numbers of the new accounts and our actual numbers didn't match. By the time we closed everything down six days later, they did match - very troubling. But, we've got it nailed now and, hopefully, we won't have another episode. 

With 8"-12" of snow expected over 24 hours, I'm grateful that
it's not all going to fall in half that time. We'll probably be
able to keep up with clearing the snow from walkways and
cars in this storm, although we won't be happy about it. 

There you have it - a day in the exciting life of me - LOL. Not so very exciting, really., and when it is, it's exciting in all the wrong ways :-) Here's hoping your Friday will NOT bring you massive rain heading to snow and that your credit reports are all solid. I'll be back tomorrow, so have a safe and happy day. 

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