Thursday, April 12, 2018

Today - A Day of Running Around TOO Early

Today is without snow. I have to open the shop for my Assistant Manager, run back almost to home to meet with DH at the bank regarding these false bank accounts, then run back to the shop again ... but today is without snow. I'll have traffic to deal with ... but today is without snow. 

I'm really tired of snow, and I'm grateful I don't
have to deal with a snowstorm while trying
to get everything done early this morning before
I go to work. 

That's not saying that my week will be without snow. No - no way, no-how, no such luck. It's almost the middle of April (speaking of which - income tax returns are due in three days!) and there is still some snow on the ground. Still, the open patches have hints of green and the trees are trying to leaf out. And ... and we have another winter storm due here tomorrow into early Saturday. For this one, we're expected to get anywhere from 5-8 inches. *sigh* Getting to the gym on Saturday morning might be a tad difficult or well-nigh impossible. Ick! 

But - today there's no snow. So I'm really grateful since my normal schedule is so messed up. 

Maple Glazed Chicken Thighs sounds really good and easy and
like something I'd really enjoy eating. It calls for 12 thighs, but
I'd like to cut the recipe in half. 

I was looking through my new slow cooker recipe book yesterday afternoon. I think I want to start with a chicken recipe - it uses pure maple syrup and soy sauce along with a bit of tomato paste, garlic, sea salt, ground pepper and a dash of Cayenne pepper. It sounds really lovely, and of course with the slow cooker, would be really easy too. Maybe I'll see if I can convince DH to eat this for Sunday. Or I'll just spring it on him in a week or two. 

Today is too busy too early and I'll have to deal with
rush hour traffic, too. Anyone want to buy my
hamster wheel? 

It's a truncated blog post today - too many things on my mind and on my to-do list before I can get out the door. Swimming will almost seem like a Zen moment, my thoughts are running in so many different directions right now. Have a great Thursday. I'll be back, hopefully still without snow, tomorrow. 

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