Saturday, April 14, 2018

It's Snowing - Pretty Much My 48-Hour Mantra

Looking outside right now, I'm seeing white. It's really depressing. It's almost mid-April and here we are again - a winter storm. Ick! (Just going on record here - ICK!!!) We're stuck in these bands of snow and gusty winds until midnight on Sunday! Double ICK! I'll shovel what fell overnight away from my tire tracks this morning, and I'm going to be hoping that the 12 hours of rain and sleet that we got before the flakes started falling didn't give me a wonderful, treacherous layer of ice on the roadway. Guess I'll find out when I leave for the gym in a bit more than an hour. 

It's hard to think of global warming and climate change when
we're in the midst of a Spring snowstorm, but this polar
bear on an iceberg will remind me that things are NOT good
in the environmental world right now. 

I suspect we won't be busy at the shop today. We have plenty to do - Chickie and I are doing a full inventory of each item in the store and we have 1000's of items to count and double-check in the computer. It's a long-term project that's keeping both of us busy, but I'm pleased with it so far. There are five banks of shelves that desperately need this, and another fifteen or more that are in better shape just because I have done periodic inventories of the product types more recently. Any way we stack it, though, it's a hell of a job, but totally necessary. 

The recipe calls for Coconut Aminos. I've been reading up
on the product and it seems like a really healthy alternative
to soy sauce. Trader Joe's seems to have the least expensive
option, at under $4. I guess I'll visit there next Wednesday,
weather permitting. 

Have any of you cooked with coconut aminos instead of soy sauce before? I have this lovely recipe for maple-glazed chicken thighs that call for this product and I'm wondering how differently it reacts to things like heat. I know it's sweeter and has no gluten, but I don't know a whole lot beyond that. I'm really curious. That said, Trader Joe's has it available for less than $4, so I suppose if I hate it, I won't be wasting a lot of money on it. Still - curious if you have any insights for me. 

I'm sure my younger grand nieces and nephews will go sledding
down hills today and tomorrow. My nieces, Mary and Annie,
share opposite ends of a park, so their six girls get together
often. It's got a nice slope to sled down. Mary lives
right on the park border, but Annie's girls have to walk
a few blocks to visit with their favorite cousins. 

I'm going to get dressed and begin clearing my driveway. I don't think our snow is bad yet, but it's a 48-hour storm and even one only dumping less than an inch an hour can dump a lot of snow in 48. It's spread out, so we're not getting the 3+ inches every two hours that we sometimes do. I suppose I have to be grateful, right? LOL Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe! 

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