Monday, April 16, 2018

My Snow Mantra Continued

It's rather amazing how something as small as a snowflake can take over a life, but that's my life from Saturday through very early this morning. As promised, the storm started dumping snow on us on Saturday with fierce winds and almost zero visibility. I warned DH that I probably would close early and wouldn't pick up our usual dinner, so he went to the grocery and bought food for Saturday and Sunday. Very sweet of him, really good food, but carb and calorie heavy. Five Pounds gained as a result!!! Ack! 

My car is a garage car, but this is Chickie's car. We own the same
car, just one year apart. As you can tell, we got a LOT of snow
over slightly less than 24 hours. 

I did close the shop early and was on the road home shortly after 3:00 pm. It 's usually a simple ten minute drive straight up the street from work to home. It was 30 minutes worth of white knuckle driving because all of us on the road were steering by instinct. Seeing the road wasn't possible because the snow was blowing so hard there was no visibility. I steered by the stoplights, which usually are centered on top of each lane, but I couldn't see the stoplights until a half-block or so from the intersections. I got home safely, but it was a nightmare. 

The yard waste bucket in my backyard got an additional
layer added to its' snow blanket. Of course there have
been meltdowns over the winter, but I was still
pretty impressed by how much snow was on top
of the lid. 

Throughout the evening I got email notifications from restaurants and grocers in the area that were also shutting down early. I think it was a wise precaution for the safety of both their customers and staff. It was truly miserable driving weather. When we awakened on Sunday morning and looked outside, it was still snowing, although not as much. DH decided we would leave it until later in the afternoon in hopes that it would have stopped snowing. So we snow-blowed and shoveled around 3:30 pm, shoveling away more than a foot of snow in some places. I think in actual numbers we were closer to 6"-8" of snow, but the winds had piled it up everywhere. 

This area is really sheltered, leading down the back upper
yard to the back door. I only had about 3"-4" of snow
here to shovel. I got a kick out of the tracks on
the far left. Animals aren't stupid, they pick the
path of least resistance. 

I got up today at 2:45 am so that I have a clear 30 minutes to shovel again before leaving for the gym and my Chiropractor. At least I can work off some of the weight I gained from Hubby's "snow comfort food". I'll be losing that weight for the rest of the week *sigh*. 

A closer view of the tracks from my "wee beasties". I
suspect we've got fox here, but I didn't see any rabbit
in this grouping. Varmints of various kinds were also
scampering down my sidewalk towards their
cozy homes. I know we've got woodchucks in the
area too, and some of these prints could have
been theirs. 

Here's hoping your weekend was less eventful than mine, and that your week ahead is wonderful and fun. I'll be back tomorrow, a bit sleep deprived, but that's the necessity sometimes up here in the Frozen Northlands. 

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