Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Winter Is Beautiful (Except for Shoveling, Driving, etc)

Yesterday ended up geshpoogled because of an ice and snow storm. I was supposed to have driven east to the White Bear Lake gym and then to my Chiropractor, but it was sleeting ice when I awoke and the side streets were NOT fun. The main streets had been salted and, generally, were OK in most places, but I decided I could miss one appointment and one swim. Today, although I'll have to do a ton of shoveling to get my car going this morning (thus, a relatively short post for today), it's not as bad. It's still snowing, though, and will be for much of the day. 

There's something truly beautiful about winter and snow. I love
living here in the snowbelt most of the time. The only problems
arise when I have to be out on the roads after a heavy snow.
Then I'm really happy that we have a good snowblower. 

DH said he would snow blow me out if necessary, although he would appreciate sleeping in. I guess I'll see how bad the plow vomit is, shovel through that so I don't get stuck, and then just leave ruts. We're supposed to end up with 6-10 inches before this storm leaves. Thank goodness it's the threshold of Spring. It'll melt quickly when we get some sunshine again. 

There's nothing quite like the winter sun shining on
a carpet of snow. Everything looks untrammeled by
the daily stuff that we all have to deal with. It
looks like we've been given a clean slate with which
to begin again. 

Two days without swimming can't even be imagined, though, so I'll be leaving one way or another in plenty of time to get my car to the YMCA today. Snow I can deal with, it's ice that I hate. I feel sorry for my friends in the mid-section of the USA who get more ice than snow. Driving on ice isn't nearly as much fun as skating on it. 

Winter snow revitalizes the land, allows rest and recuperation
for people and animals, and refreshes the earth with needed
moisture for the upcoming hot months of summer. It's time
for the trees to rest and creative ideas to be born, to find
their wings farther along the road of seasons. 

Wishing all of you a great Tuesday and one filled with happiness. I have a BUNCH of mail orders to fill today with items that arrived in yesterday's shipment. I'll be a very busy girl. Now it's time to dress and see how bad my driveway and the plow vomit truly is. 

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