Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Short and Sweet With No Sleep

I really hate when I wake up an hour early, try to get more sleep, and have to give up. This hour will bite me back later in the week, guaranteed. For many people waking up early means waking at 7 am instead of 7:30 or 8:00. For me, waking early today meant waking up at 2:30 am instead of my usual 3:15 am (which is still a ridiculous time - I admit). I'm totally a morning person, but that's a bit TOO much morning for me. Maybe I can sneak an hour nap into this afternoon....

Although I often try to take a nap on my Wednesdays, it usually
doesn't end up possible. Maybe today will work out,
though. I could really use the extra sleep. 

The snow came and went and we ended up with 6"-8" from it, depending on location. It was a heavy, wet spring snow too, so not my favorite to shovel. The store's parking lot will probably be very icy today. *sigh*. The snow plows were out in number, and it was warm enough that the salting compound they use was pretty effective, so the streets are actually not too bad for driving. By noon, DH had shoveled the driveway down to bare concrete and pulled the snow off the roof, so all is well at home, too. 

It's one of those times when I can't wait to finish the book, but
don't want to finish the book because it's the final one in the
series. A dilemma, for sure! 

Have you ever been pulled in by a book that just won't let you go? I'm on the last book of a multi-book series that I've been cruising through like a bag of potato chips - addicting and never wanting it to end. Since I'm awake a bit early, I'm going to call this a quick and dirty post today and get almost an hour's worth of reading time in. I'm going to be very disappointed to say good-bye to these characters, but fortunately this author is prolific, and I love her stuff, so there are other series to read if I want. Have an excellent Wednesday and I'll return tomorrow! 

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