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Yesterday's post explained that the designers met Betty Boop who requested designs for her that would be young, fresh and sexy in a one-day challenge. The designers had a tough time with this one. With a combination of poor fabric choices and questionable design decisions, I don't think sexy was on the mind of most of the designers, but I'll let you be the judge. Here are the top and bottom three looks in alphabetical order of the designer. 

Char picked this beautiful turquoise neoprene as
her fabric, but she chose the wrong weight. Neoprene can
drape beautifully, but hers was too heavy for the
design she wanted. 

I am fully of the belief that when a design isn't working, any All-Star competitor should have the knowledge and skill base to be able to scrap a design concept and replace it with something different. This dress was a meltdown disaster. The bodice was tolerable, but the skirt was horrid and unflattering. Bottom look? Oh yeah! 

Edmod just couldn't get a handle on this challenge at all. He
had two fabrics chosen - this one which the other
designers panned, and a beige/ivory fabric which he
tried with trim that looked like railroad tracks. 

Edmond just couldn't settle down for this challenge, trying one dress from the print followed by one from the ivory (the one I referred to above as a railroad track design). Then, after Anne's critique, he scrapped the ivory and returned to the print. Unfortunately, that third try resulted in the hot mess of cascaded flounces. Alyssa disliked it so much, she said it looked like "saggy balls". Ouch! Yes - another bottom feeder here. 

Helen stepped outside her comfort zone and used a
print! Yes, it was a simple print - just a polka dot, but
coupled with the strong dropped-shoulder look of
the bodice, it was a strong and sexy look. 

With this excellent design, Helen was my choice for winner this week. It was strong and sexy. The judges didn't agree with me, but still complimented her on the dress. Their major argument was the choice of fabrics for the bodice - the men's suiting being too stiff and heavy and not going well with the slinkier polka-dot fabric. They considered the suiting as not being a sexy fabric choice. I think it was a beautifully conceived and executed design and Helen really impressed me this week. 

Joshua took the old and tired "I Heart New York" and
put a Betty Boop spin on it. He cut out a silhouette of
the head of Betty Boop, added earrings and
red lips, and voila! Had a cute focal. 

Joshua loves to skirt the edge of lingerie in his clothing, and the peek-a-boo look is also a trademark of his. Here, he spend most of the day designing and making the shirt, underpants and that lovely attachment of the shirt to the model's bra, and left no time for the skirt. He still pulled it off, though. A multi-paneled flared skirt in the netting worked really well. It was fresh and sexy and very much something that Betty Boop might have enjoyed, even though it wasn't quite as fashion forward as I would have thought. The cropped top is a bit dated, although the cuffs and neckline were really cute, but he pulled it out with the rest of the design. 

Merline pulled together this folded mess with a back that
had puckers and bad seaming. She had some real problems
with the challenge this week. 

Every once in a while a designer can breathe a sigh of relief because someone else's design is worse than theirs. That was the case with Merline. Her dress was old and dated, didn't emphasize any of the positives of Betty Boop (chest, hips and a narrow waist), and wasn't sexy. Basically, it didn't meet any of the design parameters. She's walking on the edge in this competition now. I don't think she'll be around for much longer. 

Stanley's original concept was an underdress with an
overdress. He realized, a bit late, that would be too
bulky, so he switched to a large collar from
fabric #2. He should probably have left
fabric #2 on the workshop floor instead 

I'm not sure what Stanley was thinking of with this, but at least it was well made. The judges actually looked at this as a vintage look for Betty Boop, emphasizing the legs. One of the judges actually even liked the collar, which I thought atrocious. It is a classic design, but Alyssa thought it lacked sex appeal and I agree. 

So, there you have it - six outfits for a modern-day Betty Boop. Who won and who was sent home? Let's see if you guessed right. 

The winner was Joshua, although Helen's outfit was better, IMO. Still, Joshua's perky outfit was iconic in a lot of ways. I just hope I see more of Helen pushing out of her box. 

The loser, and designer sent home, was Char. Yes, that neoprene was a poor choice in everything except color. The best thing about her design were the adorable shoes. Bye-bye, Char, hasta luego

Have a wonderful weekend. It's been a tough week here, so I'm going to indulge in a lazy Sunday of Olympics and playing Lord of the Rings Online. Lazy really sounds good to me today. I'll be back on Monday. 

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