Friday, February 9, 2018

Multi-Tasking Genius - Project Runway Overview - No Spoilers

What would Betty Boop wear in today's world? How would she still be a trend-setter in our on-line, video and social networked society? This week the designers needed to design and make a dress for a young, fashion forward Betty Boop. The winner of the challenge will help to create a Betty Boop collection that will be sold at and select locations around the country. With a budget of $200, the designers, once again, have a single day to create some fashion magic. 

I love Betty Boop. She's classic, sexy, and totally unapologetic. She's
been around forever, but still looks great and is still solid with an
ever-changing fan base. 

In the meanwhile, my fingers are going a bit numb. I'm flipping between my keyboard and three different channels on my TV - network Olympic coverage (ice skating team competition), secondary network Olympic coverage (dual curling and Alpine skiing), and, of course, Project Runway All-Stars. Tomorrow I'll have the Olympics up on my laptop or phone while I'm working. Multi-tasking genius - I am woman, hear me roar - LOL. 

The designers aren't having problems with the sexy aspect of Betty Boop, but combining that with a young, girly attitude seems to be a goal that is escaping them. The models try-on went fairly well, but several people are certainly having problems. Stanley is working with a double layer of fabric that's looking and feeling bulky. Char is fighting with neoprene that is too heavy for the look she wants to present. Edmond is making his third dress, having changed fabrics and designs back and forth and back once again from a print to a solid and back once more to a print. Errors of judgment and indecisiveness are not a designer's friend. 

Finally the models are fastened or sewn into their dresses and everyone is on their way to the Runway. Ten designers remain, only nine will be left after tonight. As the fashions walk the Runway, I'm surprised by a few designs. I adore Helen's look. Normally she bores me, but by accident, she ended up combining stripes and polka dots, and it's really working. Char's design turned into a red hot mess, her neoprene never worked right for the design she wanted to create. Joshua is playing peek-a-boo again, but with a cropped T and a cute flared skirt, he might finally make it out of "safe" and into "judged" - for good or bad. Merline is once again being Merline, creating a look I've see from her too many times before, and not all that well done either. Some of the looks were seriously changed because of feedback given by Anne in the workroom, and I'm wondering about the advice she gave. She was trying to get the designers to think "young", but she totally missed the mark this week in her critiques.  

Tomorrow I'll show the winners and losers, and next week will be an avant-garde challenge. I'll be closing the shop two hours early today so that DH and I can drive down to one of the southern suburbs. Matt's memorial is scheduled for 5-7 pm and I want to be there for at least some of it. DH will also drive down for the Visitation, Funeral Mass and internment on Saturday, which takes place 90 miles south of the Cities. Between the drive and the various events, it will take most of the day. I can't attend that one, so I'm making sure I can at least attend one of the events. Have a great Friday and I'll be back with the Runway results on Saturday morning. 

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