Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thank You and the Olympics Start Tonight

DH and I were busy last night, working through the logistics for Matt's memorial service, funeral mass and internment. Finally, we decided to rent DH a car for the weekend so that he could get to the funeral mass and internment on Saturday, but I would close the shop early on Friday and we would go to the memorial together. The funeral is being held in a town south of us about 1-1/2 hours. I'm hoping that the weather will cooperate, but thanking the rental company which had a great weekend special which dropped the rate to just under $50 for the car. DH still drives a 1992 Saturn, and although it's fine for the Cities, it wouldn't be dependable for the much longer drive to Wabasha. 

Enterprise ended up with a great weekend rate that allowed
DH to get a car on Friday, return it on Monday, and get the
miles he needed for the trip, all for less than $50. SCORE! 

Thanks to all of you who sent condolences. I really appreciated them. As much as DH may think of Matt as his friend, he was also mine and we had some great times together over the years. I think one of the hardest things about growing older is watching your circle of friends shrink. It's one reason I'm so grateful for my on-line friends. It broadens my reach and keeps me from closing myself up in my cave and losing myself to triviality. Thanks! 

I love the Ice Dancing event. Here, Maia and Alex Shibutani dance
in the US Figure Skating Championships in January 2018. The
brother/sister pair are our top hopes in this discipline. 

The first competitions have already started at the Winter Olympics, and tonight will be an ice skating exhibition event. I think that's in Prime Time, although I'll be watching Project Runway All-Stars. Fashion or frills? Fashion wins for me. But starting tomorrow night, with the official Opening Ceremonies, I'll be watching a lot of the Winter Olympics. Here, in the Frozen Northlands, we learn early - embrace winter, don't fight it. We're a state of skiis, skates, and snowboards (as well as snowshoes and ice fishing). We understand snow. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can of the events. In many ways the Winter games are my favorite events. 

I've loved slalom skiing events since the 1964 Olympics - yes, that's a
long time ago. With today's improved cameras and overhead cables,
the course can usually be seen from top to bottom. Love it! (and a
VAST improvement over patchy watching in snowstorms on small
black and white televisions. 

What about you? Do you enjoy watching the Olympics? If so, what event - summer or winter or both - is your favorite? In the Summer games, I love the swimming (of course), but in the Winter games, I love the ice hockey, many of the skating and snowboarding and skiing events, and I love curling! Yes, that rather ridiculous event of pushing stones across an icy surface to knock others out. I really do like curling, even though the US has a crap team. I cheer for Canada, but it's usually Sweden or Norway who win this one. 

Ice Curling can be a lot of nothing, but it's decided by small distance
increments occasionally, and it's just a weird sport. Still, DH and I
both really enjoy it. 

Well, got to get going today. If you watch the skating tonight, enjoy it for me. I adore skating, but exhibition skating before the events begin leaves me cold. Have a great Thursday, I'll be back tomorrow, and once again "Thank You" to those who expressed condolences in comments or private messages. It's very appreciated. 

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