Monday, February 12, 2018

A Return To A Regular Schedule Can Be Wonderful

DH and I had a bit of an early Valentine's Day yesterday. We wanted to get a sympathy card for our friend, so we headed to the store in the early morning. Of course, we were at the store and we needed something for dinner ... so we gave in to something we had been wanting for months - bar-b-que ribs. Oh, and we also got a pair of cupcakes for dessert. OMG, the ribs were SO good and even though I was trying to be good and save half for today, I just couldn't do it. I ate the whole thing! Today I'll start losing the weight I gained from our early V-Day dinner, and I'll be fine by the time the real Valentine's Day arrives on Wednesday - LOL. 

We love bar-b-qued ribs, but don't indulge often. Yesterday we looked
at each other and said "Yes, why not!" I'm not feeling guilty over the
three pounds I gained, either. They'll be off in a day or two and I had
a wonderful meal with DH. 

We spent the rest of Sunday being lazy and watching the Olympics. I think we really needed a lazy day after the emotional heartache that the week had handed us. DH is having a really hard time of it - he's lost another friend and his friends group is shrinking dramatically. Mine still seems mostly intact, but I also tend to be a bit more outgoing. Neither of us are social butterflies, though. Our circle of friends is small, select, and fun. 

The back of the medals for the 2018 Winter Olympics features
the Korean name for the location above the five Olympic
rings. The front features a similar brushed front, with
only the Olympic Rings offset to the upper left. Very classy. 

It was a pleasure to have a day to lounge around, though. I spent a lot of time playing Lord of the Rings Online, still trying to get my newest character caught up with her older and more experienced sisters. But I didn't play all day. I lounged around with DH and we watched a lot of Olympics. Mixed doubles curling was on, and we love the sport, so that was a lot of fun. At night there was some skating - I didn't want to watch all of it, but did catch the three competitors I wanted to watch. All in all, it was a successful Sunday. 

After a tough round against Norway, Canada prevailed and will go against
the winner of the Switzerland v Olympic Athletes of Russia for the gold.
It was a really tight match with some great throws. I understand - curling
isn't for everyone. But we really love it. 

Now we return to real life. We'll return the rental car this morning and resume our usual schedule at work. That going to be good too, because having a regular schedule can be awesome sometimes. Right now, I'm going to get my stuff together for the pool, because my "regular schedule" is calling me to get some of this Sunday weight gain back off ASAP - LOL. I hope each of you has a terrific Monday and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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