Monday, January 8, 2018

Returning to "Normal"

It's 5:00 am, and I'm obviously not in the pool since I'm posting in my blog. But I'm actually feeling much better and have high hopes that I will have Tuesday and Wednesday off to make up for some owed days I didn't get over the past two weeks. I desperately need the days off - I have seven repairs and restrings that are overdue and need to be completed ASAP. 

A lot of my spare cash is made by restringing and
repairing jewelry for customers. I have Bead & Button
Show registration tomorrow and what I repair this
week will be going towards that credit card charge! 

It was a hard week. I babied myself as much as possible to keep this head cold right where it was - as a head cold, not a chest cold. Both DH and Chickie's versions spread quickly to their lungs and they spent days hacking and coughing. My sinuses were constantly draining and I should have purchased stock in the company who owns Kleenex-brand tissues, but I persevered and think I succeeded. 

I'm grateful my cold stayed as a head cold and
did't move into my lungs. Coughs - BAD!
Of course running noses aren't good, but they
are better than hacking and coughing. 

Yesterday, my suspicions about my under-desk pull-out drawer came true -  unfortuately, The screws they had for attaching the drawer slide mechanisms to the actual underside of the desk were extremely small and I thought, at the time, they were rather ridiculous. I could have seen them in a true wooden desk, but even there, they were remarkably underpowered. My desk isn't wood, it's pressboard, so I had a feeling I would have problems. 

I think the screws they provided were closest to the
#4 or #5 screw in the diagram above. I want to move
up to a #6 or #7, and want to triple-screw each of the brackets
for added security. Lots of drilling and screwing in my future. 

Tomorrow, among other things, I will be going to my favorite hardware store and getting longer screws. Measuring the desktop thickness with a caliper, I have more than 1/2" of length I can use, but the original screws were only 3/8" long. Additionally, each bracket can actually accept three screws. So I'll be drilling and mounting once again. Thank goodness the brackets already are mounted and the other three are holding up. It'll be a lot easier to deal with if I don't have to try and hold the entire drawer up at the same time. 

So what did I miss? Did you post something important that
you know I would have enjoyed? Message or comment and
tell me where/when to look. I want to catch up! 

So, I apologize for my week of minimal posts and my acting rather reclusive. I'm sure I've missed some things happening in your lives that are important, and I'm sorry. Feel free to comment or message me about posts you think I should have seen or events I might have missed. It's nice to return to the land of the living, but it's hard to catch up with the flow. Have an extraordinarily wonderful Monday. I'll be back to a "normal" morning schedule tomorrow. 

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