Tuesday, January 9, 2018

ARG! Just ... ARG!!

So, I was expecting to swim this morning, except my head cold refused to cooperate and kept me up for most of the night with my friendly, ever decreasing box of Kleenex tissues at hand. Therefore, I'm having one more day without the pool. I'm starting to get cranky, having missed seven days so far this month! Tomorrow, hell or high water, I'm getting to the gym. 

On Thursday, hitching up a sled dog team might be more
effective than driving if we really do get that much snow,
but tomorrow should be OK, so I HAVE to get to the
gym tomorrow. 

In other news ... because let's face it - the first paragraph was a lighter dye-lot of a much-used color from earlier in the month ... we're getting snow. Lots of it. It's supposed to hit my area beginning tomorrow night and dump 7-9 inches on us before it leaves. That accelerates my schedule for the next two days and compresses most of it into today and Wednesday, so that if I have to be an Eskimo for much of Thursday, I can be. Thus, I'll do the banking and pick up supplies and groceries over the next two days instead of Wednesday and Thursday. 

I'll try and sign up for three classes this year -
less than usual, but there weren't that many
classes pushing my buttons this year. 

Today is registration day for this year's Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee. I'll be trying for three classes this year, and after I have those nailed, I'll phone and arrange hotel reservations. It's not the perfect schedule for me this year - I really wanted a Tuesday class which I won't bother with for several reasons, mostly revolving around scheduling. I also am choosing very similar projects for my Thursday and Saturday classes - same teacher and same basic technique. If necessary, I could drop one or the other, but they're both really cute projects, and I think I'll have fun in the classes. I also could use the practice, so I'll sign up for both. 

Sigh, life right now is boring, and the only excitement I'll be getting is that pounding from the Snow Gods in less than 48 hours. I really hope your lives are more exciting than mine, but in a really good way! Enjoy your Tuesday and think positive thoughts for me finally getting over this head cold because, frankly, I'm out of patience and it really SUCKS! 

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