Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Doing the Happy Dance

I'm finally feeling human today. Of course, my "humanity" can sometimes be debatable, but I'm not blowing my nose every two minutes and I actually feel pretty good. I'll be at the pool in a little less than two hours from now and I can't wait. It may not be the greatest workout I'll ever have had, but  at least I'll be back in the water. This is me doing the happy dance! 

It's going to be a really busy day and I have a TON of stuff
to do, but I'm finally feeling much better and I think I have
everything in order for maximum efficiency. 

Enough people have been hit with the Creeping Crud around here that it was even one of the lead stories on the news last night. As suspected, we didn't have the flu, but we certainly did have colds of varying intensity. Chickie and DH rivaled each other for how awful they felt, but I really escaped with minimal issues, even though it was miserable to go through. 

There's nothing fun about the "creeping crud" except
waving good-bye when it finally leaves. I'm grateful
I didn't get hit any harder by it than I did. 

On today's agenda - getting everything possible done that requires me to be out and about. Tomorrow we'll have much colder temps, a wicked wind, and snow of anywhere from 1" to 7" total falling throughout the the day. I get today and tomorrow off because I worked for my manager last week when he was sick. He'll be dealing with tax forms and reports over the next few days, and I'll get at least Wednesday and Thursday off, and maybe Friday also. I'll be doing customer repairs, fixing my under-desk keyboard drawer and generally catching up a bit. 

I'll be borrowing DH's cordless drill again today to get
my under-desk keyboard drawer more secure and the
one side repaired. I'll feel much better about the entire
item after each bracket has three longer screws instead
of one dinky one. 

I was successful in registering for my classes at Bead & Button Show yesterday, and also got my hotel reservations made. I'm actually driving out a day later than usual this year, but there wasn't anything causing me to need to be there on Tuesday, so I'll head out on Wednesday the 6th of June instead of Tuesday the 5th. I'll return home on Sunday the 10th, which will give me Saturday afternoon and evening to decompress and allow for a good night's sleep on Saturday night. I'll be staying at the Hyatt Regency once again, so if you're at the Bistro or the bar and see me, stop by and say "hi". 

I was't sure whether I wanted to stay here, at the Hyatt
Regecy, or across the way at the other host hotel, the
Hilton. I usually end up spending a lot of time at
each of the two hotels, but for my classes, the Hyatt
was more convenient this year. Maybe next year
I'll opt for the Hilton again. It's a beautiful hotel. 

On that note, I'm calling today a done deal and getting this going. I'm heading out to see my friends and swim at the YMCA, then diving into my day. I have lots to do, capped off by a long-overdue phone convo with Aearwen later this afternoon. Huzzah! Have a wonderful Wednesday and may your day be merry. 

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