Thursday, January 11, 2018

An Icy Day Off For Me Today

I'll be very carefully poking my way to the gym this morning. It's not snowing (yet), but it's been misting overnight and the streets will be icy and slippery. I don't have to go to the shop today, I'm taking the day off and working on the rest of the repairs that I have pending. Still, I don't like driving or walking on ice. The snow band ended up moving south of us, so we might get three hours of light snow in mid-day, but we won't get the "up to nine inches" that had originally been threatened in the forecast. 

We really dodged a bullet on this one. Originally we were supposed
to be purple - a minimum of 5 inches, but up to 10 inches. Now we'll
see less than an inch out of this, although the streets may be quite icy. 

I managed to get my under-desk drawer drilled and new screws installed yesterday. I'm quite pleased. Instead of four small screws, it is now held by twelve much beefier screws. If these don't hold, I may have to look at some serious work - maybe bolts drilled into the desktop. That would't be fun, though, and I'm hoping the new screws will do the trick for several years. 

I went from a single screw similar to the right-hand size,
to three screws similar to the left-hand size in each
bracket. If this doesn't work to hold things well, I'm
not sure what else I'll be able to do. It feels much sturdier,
though, so I'm hoping for the best. 

The repair and the angles I had to position myself for it, forced me to clean beneath my desk, - a very good thing. I now have my under-desk areas organized as paper products (specialty printing papers and sketchbooks, mainly) and design books (everything from Wraethau to LOTR designs as interpreted in artwork to Japanese family crests and design motifs). I have one more small box of stuff in paper bags that I'll go through today or tomorrow if I need a break from customer repairs. 

Last week's winning outfit was this dress with the unusual
sleeve design. I really liked the concept a lot - rather
like modern armour - an overlay of outward protection.
The judges did mention that the construction should have
been cleaner, but the sleeve design was what caught their eye. 

Today is Thursday and tonight it's time for the second episode of Project Runway All-Stars, Season 6. I'm delighted to be involved in fashion once more. Poor DH is going crazy - the upstairs TV is only showing captions on the cable channels, not on any of the network channels. This is new - only over the past 48 hours - but since he relies on captions for his programming, he's getting quite frustrated. Wish I could do something, but I'm clueless on this one. Enjoy your Thursday and drive carefully wherever you are. 

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