Friday, January 12, 2018

"Project Runway All Stars" Returns - No Spoilers

"Rookies vs Vets" is the basic foundation for Project Runway All Stars, Season Six. I was hoping that they would continue the trend started by Heidi and Tim's regular Project Runway, i.e., using models reflective of real life women. Unfortunately, it seems that PR All Stars has returned to the standard model stable body type - skinny, young, and tall. Bleh...

I loved having models of many sizes
for Season 16 of Project Runway. Liris
Cross was one of my absolute favorite
models of all time. I wish PR All Stars
had continued that trend. 

The second episode's designs were inspired by post-apocalyptic disaster - a very open concept that seems to be popular in fashion as well as in basic trends. After a trip to Mood, the designers begin making their Runway looks, torturing their fabrics and embellishments by using dyes, combs, blow torches and paints. Their goal was a "Runway Look for a Post-Apocalyptic Woman" and a backstory had to accompany each look. 

Once again the standard judges for Project Runway All Stars are
design-winning designers Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman.
They join host, Alyssa Milano. Be sure to check out Isaac's
poodle look for Episode 2 - only he could pull off the jacket and
bow tie combination he's sporting. 

There is a fine line to walk when distressing fabric for the purpose of fashion. The goal is something that looks as if it simply couldn't exist properly without being distressed, but that also doesn't look as if the holes or various colors weren't intentional. Intentional is great, but in a one-day challenge only a minimal amount of time can be spent on distressing before actual construction has to ensue. Do you see that fence? For this challenge there were a lot of designers attempting to balance on top of the fence instead of crossing over it and finishing their designs. 

In essence, they were designing for worlds far beyond
the pale. Think Mad Max meets Project Runway. 

By the end of the day, at least 1/3 of the designers hadn't even started distressing their fabrics, and several designs were still in pieces. With the runway show scheduled for the next day, I imagine there were several designers who didn't get a lot of sleep while they were stressing about their design and the lack of time they had to finish things before the Runway. 

We're taught that the devil is in the details. Is it
the same in fashion? We'll find out. Who won this
challenge and who was sent home? Spoilers tomorrow! 

So how did they do? I won't put spoilers until tomorrow's post, but until then, have a wonderful Friday. I have the day off again. I got all six repairs/restrings completed yesterday and except for a bit of glue on the knots that I'll put on today, I'm finally caught up. When they pick them up, I'll have almost $200 towards the classes I bought earlier this week. Yeah me! LOL. Time to bundle up and shovel whatever the snowplow put across my driveway. The joys of winter. 

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