Friday, January 12, 2018

Project Runway All Stars Episode 2 Spoilers Below

Did you happen to watch this week's episode? Did you catch Isaac Mizrahi's poodle ensemble? OMG - men past their gay teens should NEVER be caught wearing a suit with a poodle applique at the pocket and a matching poodle bow tie. The next time Mr Mizrahi complains about an outfit being too much like a costume, I'm going to remember this suit. I understand that he's made a name for himself with poodle designs and also has some real life poodles, but really? Now ... on to fashion. 

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the theme this week was each challenger designing an outfit his woman would wear walking a runway in a post-apocalyptic world. Each designer had to design an outfit and also come up with a backstory for why their model would be wearing that specific item. So here we go . the best of the best and worst of the worst in no specific order.  

I liked Ari's dress - quite a lot. Her dark to
light to dark ombre was stunning and the
accompanying jacket complemented the
gown well. 

First we start with Ari. She really pushed every last minute out of the one-day challenge, making both a wonderful blow-torched-lace gown as well as an accompanying jacket. The gown was in fiery red indicating flames, the jacket in black to indicate that the flames had been suppressed. She started out with white fabric and dyed and painted all of the gown, so I was impressed with her ombre effect. Very nice. 

Merline actually did a great job with the construction
of her Basic Black Dress, but it didn't really click
as a total winner. Still, she ended up in the top
three and her construction details were sound. 

Merline placed her model in year 2180 with the dress actually being a map to "the key". What key? I haven't the vaguest idea, and I don't think the judges figured that one out either. It was remarked that Merline did a much better job of her seaming this week, obviously taking last week's judges' comments into consideration when constructing this little black dress. It was almost too simple, though. A basic little black dress brought forward in time with some interesting angles and folds. 

Stanley's color choice was called "swamp" by
Isaac Mizrahi. The other judges weren't quite as
harsh, but to me it looked as if that flame
she had gone through was too selective. 

Stanley made a multi-tiered dress in a god-awful olive/khaki color. Usually I'm all over this color palette, but this particular fabric left me cold. His 'opera caught on fire' backstory was innovative, but the judges did point out that the fire seemed to have been quite selective so they found the story a bit hard to accept. 

The letters on the back of the jacket looked like
a five-year-old had drawn them and cut them
out. If this girl was truly a fire fighter for Detroit,
I'd expect the lettering to look professional. 

Char wanted to make a futuristic fire fighter from Detroit, even going so far as to put "DET FIRE DEPT" on the back of the jacket. Unfortunately, she didn't distress enough and the jacket seemed quite "costume" (see my opening paragraph regarding Isaac Mizrahi and costumes). Although Isaac liked her pants with a train concept, Alyssa said the pants looked as if they had met a lawn mower. I suspect she didn't mean that in a good way. Georgina didn't like the design at all, so this was a miss on all counts for Char. 

I really like Kelly, but this was a miss. The top
at least had a bit of visual interest, but the bottom
was a tangled mess as it walked the runway.
The headphones helped her backstory, but
did nothing for the actual outfit. This was a miss. 

Kelly made her own bodice fabric (which I thought rather atrocious, although Isaac said it was the one redeeming part of her design). Her girl had started the apocalypse by dancing so hard that she set the world on fire. Hmmm. Remember what I said yesterday about the Devil being in the details? Here Kelly went overboard with the headphones. It was a firm "NO" from all of the judges, who felt that her time would have been better spent making a more cohesive design and outfit. 

Normally this oversized print would have been
cause for serious criticism by the judges, but Anthony
balanced that large print with the darker bodice and
his flame and smudges throughout. It was the classiest
fire-damaged gown I could have thought of. 

Anthony wanted an African look and backstory, so his model was a princess from Gambia. (Does Gambia even have princesses outside of Disney over-do? I have no idea.) His princess was attending the MET Gala when the world ended, resulting in her dress catching fire. I thought his placement of burn marks and ashes was quite strategic, and I loved the interplay of the bold print and the black tulle. Isaac called the look "distressed and fresh as a daisy". OK - whatever you say, Mr. Mizrahi. 

Who walked away from the apocalypse in style? That would be Anthony with the well deserved win for his lovely Gambian princess gown. The loser? Well, that was Kelly. I guess the headphones which received negative comments from each judge, married with a shredded look that really didn't walk down the runway effectively, sent her packing. 

There you have it. It's -9 F right now, so really effin' cold. I'm going to get bundled up and head to the pool for my swim. I suspect my reward coffee later will be extra appreciated today! Enjoy your weekend, and Go Vikings (sorry - it's the playoffs on Sunday and I have to support my hometown team). 

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