Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Quick Check-In

Just checking in quickly to let you know that I'm still very much alive. In fact, of the three of us who caught this cold, I'm almost over it, DH is firmly in its grasp, and Chickie is hanging on, although she's also firmly gripped by it. Today my nose feels almost human again. I've really been pushing the fluids, dressing super warmly (not fashion forward at work for the past few days, but that's how it goes sometimes), and stayed away from the YMCA and the pool for the past two days. I'm hoping I'll be back onto a regular schedule on Monday and be fully recovered. 

I'm almost feeling human again. I'm still going to be
cautious, it's still miserably cold outside and anything
can happen, but I'm not the walking nose faucet I
had been earlier in the week. 

It's a good goal - LOL. 

I feel quite lucky. Many others who have caught this
cold have been practically bed-bound for days. 

Here's hoping that all of you manage to dodge the bullet on this one. It hits hard and tries to move in, and with our super cold temperatures, it seems to want to hide out for the winter. Although I can't blame it, I refuse to allow it room and board in my house. I wish all of you a wonderful weekend. I'm on my way to get my morning oatmeal and coffee fix, then on to work and playing a bit of Yule Fest in LOTRO before it ends late tomorrow. I'll be back on Monday! STAY WARM! 

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