Monday, July 24, 2017

Kitty Care Begins Today!

Le Tour de France has ended for another year and it was wonderful! Yesterday, DH and I watched the final stage and sprint, then went back and forth between the final round of the British Open Golf Championship and the awards presentations for Le Tour de France. After both events finished, we switched over to baseball, talked about what will come next in the backyard project, and worked on some computer projects. It was a lazy Sunday. This week will be anything but!

The two cats are actually quite sweet, but my problem is
my allergies. It's just not fun having sneezing fits and
runny eyes for the rest of the day after a short,
20-minute visit to feed and clean up after the
furry beasties. 

Today starts eight days of Kitty Care while Chickie is attending her family reunion in Montana. That means dropping by her place every morning (except Sunday), washing the food bowls and putting out new food, cleaning the litter boxes, and making sure they have fresh water. It doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm allergic to her cats, and last time I did this I was suffering with sneezing fits and runny eyes for the remainder of each day. I suspect I'll be in a similar situation again and I'm not looking forward to it.

Hmmm ... I should look this happy while doing household
chores? Sorry, but I just can't manage that. It's nice to know
I might lose a few calories by doing them, though. 

Chickie being out of town also means that I don't get a day off this week, so I have to squeeze my household chores (revolving around loads of laundry) into evenings. It's not impossible, but it's not easy to sandwich it all in. It has to be done, though. I'm not sleeping on dirty sheets, using dirty towels, or running out of clothing to wear. Nope - not happening.

My Mom and my Unci always hung their clothes outside. Mom finally had
a clothes dryer much later on, but Unci used the outside lines all year round.
I always enjoyed the sun and breeze through the linens and clothing, but
I have no space for hanging outdoors, so a clothes dryer is what I use. 

So I'll be treasuring my morning swims because they are the only part of my days this week that won't be crazy busy. Of course, that too can change and the proverbial 'anything' can hit that fan. Here's hoping that you have a wonderful Monday. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with a less grumbly post.

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