Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Goals - Big Or Small We All Have Them

Goals - we all have them and we all set them. Goals can be big or small, but where would we be without that carrot pulling us ahead and pushing us toward success?

L-R, Rigoberto Uran, 2nd place; Chris Froome, winner; Romain Bardet,
3rd place. There three men were the winners of the 2017 Le Tour
de France. Froome had stated his goal of standing atop the podium
for the third time in a row, fourth time winning, and he succeeded
in his goal. 

Goals and the achievement of them come to mind because I just finished watching three weeks of Le Tour de France, and I'm in the midst of a comprehensive inventory of my non-bead items while I prepare to make a contract with an old friend and send some things his way on consignment. For me, this entails printed inventory lists and physical confirmation of each item before decision is made, not to mention contacting an attorney to make sure that my merchandise is protected and that I will get it back (or monetary compensation) in case of theft, fire, etc at my friend's gallery.

Goals don't have to be large. Small daily goals can keep us
motivated and give us necessary positive feelings. Larger
goals are also necessary, but they can take longer to achieve. 

Goals can be small - cleaning the house, doing a load of laundry, dusting the shelves or picking up after the kids. Goals can be large - putting enough in the bank to help with the kid's college plans, climbing a mountain or having the fastest time in an athletic event. Goals can be individual, or can encompass others if they are family goals.

I'm not sure I agree 100% with this because wishes can become
plans; but plans don't just appear on the doorstep. Plans have to start
somewhere. Often they appear as wishes - desires that we want to
see accomplished in real life. A plan will help your wishes come true. 

Every day we all deal with goals, whether we want to admit it or not. Getting dinner prepared on time? A goal. Sitting down to catch up on email? Another goal. Small goals allow each of us a sense of achievement and accomplishment - a virtual "pat on the back". Achieving goals helps to give each of us a small glow of happiness. In this world we need all of the happiness we can get.

Having a process will often allow a goal to be successful. But be careful.
It's easy to get lost in the details and lose sight of the ultimate
goal. Trim and prune so that your goal is clearly visible,
then focus on your pathway to achieve success. 

So set some goals for yourself. The big goals are wonderful, but don't forget the small goals too. The staircase stretches up into the clouds, but you can only achieve the top by climbing one small step at a time. Take your time, move from step to step (or small goal to small goal), and enjoy the scenery as you climb. Have a great Tuesday!

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