Monday, July 17, 2017

Electronics Issues Are Getting Resolved

It's Monday and Le Tour de France has a rest day today - very needed after the Pyrenees and the Massif Central mountains of last week. This week we'll finish up the mountains with several days in the Alps, so there are still some serious peaks ahead of the riders.

Le Tour de France heads into the Alps by mid-week. I can't wait to see
those beautiful, majestic mountains once more. 

My Monday will be chaotic and I'm grateful that this chaos happened this week instead of next. Last week was a week of computer and electronics issues. My Underwater iPod died, DH's computer died and the main computer at the shop had issues as well. Electronic terror spiked my blood pressure! But things are getting into order now and today will be the last push.

I received my hot pink Underwater Waterproof iPod on
Saturday. I charged it up and loaded my tunes on Sunday.
I'm ready to swim with music once again! 

I received my new Underwater Audio waterproof iPod on Saturday - the company is incredibly service oriented and very fast with their shipping. I charged it up and loaded my music onto it on Sunday morning, so I'm ready to swim with music once again. Hallelujah!

The work computer did require a phone call to my Computer Guru, Dale, but we were able to get that back up and running after 10 tense minutes. That one could have been a disaster, so I'm extremely grateful.

Replacing the video card (if that's the problem) won't be
difficult. The issue is that the computer itself is 6-7 years
old so making sure the new part is compatible might
be harder. Dale built the original system for us, though,
so at least he'll know what to expect. 

Dale and I will have an opportunity to see one another this morning, though. I'll be there at 7:00 am with DH's computer. Dale thinks it's either something on the motherboard, or that the video card has gone bad. Hopefully it will be a quick fix and I can take it with me in time to get to work, but if I'm running tight on time, I'll have to leave it with him and pick it up tomorrow. I'm NOT looking forward to dealing with the rush hour traffic flows on the roads out to his place, but no choice. I have hope that all will be resolved quickly, though. it would be a relief.

Once I have DH's computer back, reconnected, and working properly, things will be back to my normal level of crazy. I can live with that. So I'm hoping that your levels of crazy are a bit better than mine and that all goes smoothly for you as you begin your week. Next week Chickie will be out of town and I'll be on cat duty. I think I'll relish every day of this last week without allergies. Enjoy your Monday!

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