Saturday, July 15, 2017

Computer Issues and Le Tour de France - Mountains!

DH's computer is giving me the double-beep of death. It's not powering up properly and not communicating with the monitor, except rarely. I've got an email in to my Computer Guru, hopefully he can take a quick look this week. It's a relatively easy fix on the mother board, but beyond my capabilities to fix. In the meanwhile, though, DH is without a computer and that's already driving him nuts. Good thing he's got some ebooks to read.

Today's stage is a constant climb, not the intensity of the Pyrenees, but
not a flat stage either. The riders are tired and hurting after the past
two stages but there are more mountains to come. 

In Le Tour de France news - the Pyrenees did exactly what they are renowned for - they blew the Peleton apart. Fabio Aru is still in the Yellow after winning time over Chris Froome on Thursday. Froome is only six seconds behind, though, so still a stiff threat with more mountains to come. Alberto Contador won the "Most Aggressive Rider" award yesterday after an amazing performance in the three steep Category 1 climbs of the stage. Alberto looked like a younger version of himself, dancing on the pedals up the steep slopes. It was nice to see it. Today's stage will be easier as the riders begin their ride towards the Alps, but today is a constant uphill battle. Sunday will be another killer day with the crossing of the mountains of the Massif Central. If you have to miss a weekend day - miss Saturday and catch Sunday.

Sunday will be another test for the rider's already tired legs. Just
look at this wonderful profile - up and down and up and down again.
We won't even reach the Alps until next week!
Whoot! I love Le Tour de France! 

Monday will be a rest day. Maybe I'll get really lucky and my Computer Guru will be able to fix DH's computer earlier in the week ... or not. Have a great weekend and I'll be back on Monday.

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