Friday, July 14, 2017

Short But Hard - Today's Stage is Killer!

Today is Stage 13 of 21 and we're in the Pyrenees - it doesn't get much better than this! Today's stage is short and hard. The riders have three huge Category 1 climbs in a row today, packed into only 101 km of length, ending with a steep downhill slope into Foix. Yesterday's hard multi-peak climb finishing with a 20% climb to the finish line broke the Peleton apart. For the first time since the race started, the Yellow Jersey is on the back of a rider who doesn't ride for Sky! Yes, Chris Froome lost the yellow yesterday. It's not a huge time differential, but in these mountains and those still to come, it's going to be hard to get back with any ease. His legs gave out on him and Fabio Aru now wears it. Who will be wearing it as the boys come in to Paris on the 23rd?

Today's stage is 101 km of nasty climbs. Narrow, winding roads, crazy
crowds, and very steep mountains make for some frightening
possibilities. It's going to be a fun stage to watch but a horrific
stage to ride. 

I'm going slightly crazy swimming without my music, but I'm not letting a lack of tunes stop me. I'm hoping I'll have my new player on my head by the end of next week, and am focusing on that instead of how exercise without music can be boring. Sure, I could switch over to the elliptical and the bike, but I really love my water. So I'll keep on with my swim, and just concentrate on the little things - the angle my hands hit the water, the cadence of my kicks, and the time on the clock. It's all good - it's the pool!

On that note, I'm making this post as short and sweet as today's Le Tour de France post. Have an excellent end to your workweek, enjoy your Friday. I'll be back tomorrow!

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