Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up and Fabulous Monday

It was a cold run to the outdoor pool on Saturday, but the water was wonderfully warm and even though the clouds kept threatening rain, it stayed away until the afternoon. I got my full swim in and ran like crazy back to the warmth of the locker room and a toasty shower.

Perhaps I should have been running in the water instead of to and from the
pool. Running in the water is excellent exercise and much easier on the body
than just running on a treadmill or on land. There are several people at my
YMCA who run in the swimming pool. 

We got a large shipment into the shop on Friday so worked on getting that checked in on Saturday. It took most of the day and tempers were snapped a couple of times, but at the end of the day all had been checked in and was ready to start processing. We'll be busy for a week or two getting everything packaged, labelled and out onto the sales floor.

The center area of our recycling center is compost. In the distance
you can see a dark mountain - that's where the brush and greenery
gets deposited. The recycling center is always busy and heavily used. 

Sunday was cooler, but not bad. We hauled two loads of old wood to the landfill. I got lots of arm exercise pitching logs into and over the walls of greenery. The landfill uses a large earth moving machine to compress the greenery and wood into a more compact form and it pushes it up a good 10-12 feet high. I tried to make sure to toss with both arms to have a more balanced workout - LOL. The larger pieces of wood we just placed at the base of the green wall.

For household recycling, Eureka is contracted with our city. They have provided
each household with large wheeled buckets similar to our trash buckets and
they pick up mixed recycling every two weeks. It's so convenient. 

We'll have another 2-3 loads to take over this coming long weekend. The store will be closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this coming week to celebrate the July 4th holiday in the USA, so I'm really looking forward to having three days in a row off. It's extremely rare for me to have such a gift.

Have a wonderful Monday. Make it the start of an awesome week! 

Here's to Monday - the start of a new work week. I hope it's a kind day for each of you and that it goes smoothly. I'll be back tomorrow.

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