Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mixing Things Up = Scheduling Madness

Today I'm going to try mixing things up and hopefully all will work out in the end ... or not. I'll see how well my mixology works by the end of my wet and rainy day. Did I mention wet and rainy? Yes, and that's what poses a problem more than any other single thing. Under ideal conditions the landscaper would be at the house at 2:00 pm to meet with DH and look at the property, but among the words we exchanged over the phone were his parting words of "unless it is a deluge", and it's starting to look as if our scheduled appointment time may be exactly that.

Today's weather - it will be raining cats and dogs. I'm
not really sure where the saying came from, but we'll
be living the dream today - LOL. 

We've got a super rainy day in store today. We're expecting thunderstorms for much of the day and I expect I'll feel rather like a wet cat by the end of it - unhappy, spitting, and generally crabby. The day will start by having to share a lane in a busy swimming pool because our outdoor pool will have to be closed in these conditions (lightning and outdoor pools is never a safe mix). It'll go downhill from there *sigh*.

I'll get some of my errands done, but will have to run off to the shop around 1:00 pm or so to relieve DH so that he can go and hopefully meet with Peter, the landscaping dude. If all goes well, DH will be back at the shop no later than 3:30 pm, allowing me to get home by 4:00 and have my weekly chat with Aearwen, finish my laundry, and get dinner into the oven.

I'd like to get off my hamster wheel, please. Today is just
looking like a scheduling nightmare! 

There are so many ways that this schedule can go wrong... Oy! I'm looking at a day when I had a long list of things that needed to be done and I'll have next to no time in which to do them. Adding to my usual Wednesday errands and shopping, I have a rather complex repair sitting on my desk right now due by the end of the month, and I was really hoping to get around to it today. That may not happen, which means I'll need to carve out time at the shop - something that often is almost impossible.

Can Wednesday just be over already? Can I just leave the day behind me and know what I actually was able to get completed and what remains undone? This balancing act of needing to get as much as possible done but not knowing what will be attainable is driving me crazy. Have a great day, I'll be back with a clearer schedule tomorrow.

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