Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kinks in the Schedule

DH is awake (it's 3:30 am!!!!). 'Nuff said.

Yesterday's schedule sucked, but we survived. The laundry got done, the landscaper got his meeting and dinner was cooked. On the negative side, the repair I needed to do didn't happen, forms I needed to submit by the end of the month didn't get scanned and sent, and the LOTRO update that loaded so easily onto the desktop computers has been hanging up on my laptop and taking hours upon hours to upload. I'm hoping I'll get that conquered today, but no guarantee the way it seems to be working. *sigh*

Here are a couple of pictures for you. Remember that photo of our pathetic rusted shed? DH pulled that down in a day and here's what the area looks like now. I guarantee that ground hasn't seen the light of day for decades.

The shed used to be right behind that tree with its back almost against the
chain linked fence of our neighbor. No shed there now. It was a lot easier
for him to take down than he had feared. 

And he's been moving wood. If we get things graded, we needed to move the wood that we're keeping off the land where the machines will be working. Right now we're stacking it onto the first tier of the castle walls. This isn't permanent by any means, but it can stay there until we get the land regraded and the structure built that will house the wood. The city has specific regulations, etc for wood racks and sheds.

This is about 2/3 of the wood we'll save and rack up. We've moving it to this
tier so that we can level the soil behind me and build the rack to hold our
firewood. After all of this I'll contact a chimney sweep to get our chimneys
cleaned, flashed and capped. Then we'll be set to enjoy fires in the winter
once again. 

So onward we go, running into municipal and utility deadlines and issues whichever way we turn. We'll also have Chickie's annual family reunion vacation coming up at the end of  July which will require both DH and I to work for the week - no castle work happening that week at all. Have a great Thursday and I hope your day starts a bit smoother than mine has so far.

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