Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Six Degrees of Separation in Manchester

Six degrees of separation strikes again. In this case, not so much of a good thing, but it certainly made me sit back and pay attention. My friend Seth, my ex-boyfriend/fiancee, is involved in the music and performance industry. He is hired to help produce events, one of a crew who travel on the road with the headliner and set up/tear down the equipment, running the computers during the show itself. He happens to have been working the Ariana Grande show through northern Europe, and yesterday morning had posted his current location on his Facebook page as being at the Manchester Arena in England.

The bomb exploded in the foyer as fans were leaving the arena, many
heading for Victoria Station. As of this morning the death toll is 22. 

At the end of that show as people were leaving to get to Victoria Station for transport home, a suicide bomber struck at the arena, killing 22 and harming many more, 59 at latest count. I, like many others, immediately checked on the well being of those who I knew had been there. Seth posted "All band and crew are accounted for. We were evacuated about 10 minutes into the load-out. There are confirmed fatalities." Wow. How horribly frightening for everyone there, but also for his wife, brother and parents. This morning, hours after the attack, it has been confirmed. Twenty-two people lost their lives in this senseless attack, many others were wounded.

Two concert goers shocked and a bit lost. So many people were harmed by
this act of violence, in an audience heavily comprised of younger children
and teen aged kids. 

The audience for Ariana Grande tends to the young - children and teens. So many photos taken at the scene featured kids. Who would want to harm children? I know there is no common sense to these killings, but I'm once again appalled, saddened, and frightened at the complete callous lack of love or humanity that exists in anyone who could plan and carry out an act of this nature. The fact that a dear friend of mine was there at the time brings it even closer to home.

Prayers go out to the victims and their families, as well as all of those injured and otherwise affected by this blatant act of violence. It's Tuesday and I'll be back tomorrow.

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