Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth Be With You!

I'm officially going on notice that I'm ready for Spring. Yesterday I had leaping and gamboling lambs, today is the first day when we might return to nice temperatures and no rain for a while. Spring is knocking at the door and I'm so very willing to open it to her.

The city requires that the shed be six inches above ground level
with enclosed sides and a roof. He's been studying the specs for
a while now and has a pretty clear idea of what he wants to
make for our firewood storage. 

DH is chomping at the bit for Spring. His outdoor building plans are pretty extensive this year, and he's actually on a bit of a tight schedule to get everything done by the end of summer. It'll be tight. Although the castle walls are almost totally completed (capstones remain to be set, but that's minor work), the eastern side of the yard remains as this year's job.

I think he's planning to set the pavers in a herringbone pattern, but
he could always change his mind. There's a lot that needs to be
done before we're at that point in time. 

The trees that we had taken down last fall have larger pieces that he had them leave. He's been cutting those up for firewood and shredding the smaller remnants. This summer he plans to build a structure for the storage of our firewood that will meet the codes for our city, arrange for a pre-made Tuff-Shed to be installed on the east side (a concrete foundation will be poured onto leveled ground, then the shed will be assembled on top of that), and finally he needs to strip, re-level, and repave the patio with new brick in a different pattern. It's a LOT of work and he needs warm weather without a lot of rain to get it all done.

I've seen a lot of bookstores close in the past twenty years. It's
always a tragic thing when another one closes its doors. There's
something magical about browsing through the stacks and seeing
what's new, or just choosing a volume at random to see if it
might be interesting. I have to rely more and more on internet
review websites to choose my next books. It's not nearly the same. 

I got a notice that another Barnes & Noble Bookstore physical location has closed in my extended area. I always think it's a pity when a bookstore closes. My own neighborhood B&N seems to be doing fine, but I think that all bookstores are hurting now - less reading and more Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. I still read like crazy - love it almost more than food. But I admit that I read ebooks most of the time. I purchase my ebooks from Barnes & Noble as much as I can, though. To me, Amazon feels like Wal-Mart - an evil empire trying to take over the world.

Yoda has my favorite always been! 

And on that note, "MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU". Have a wonderful Thursday and a fabulous Fourth of May. I heard that one of the television stations is celebrating The Fourth by showing the movies non-stop today. It is unfortunate that they are also including the second trilogy. *sigh*. Enjoy your day!

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