Friday, May 5, 2017

A Discussion of Music

Every year, to celebrate my birthday, I give myself permission to buy one thing that I would never ask for - something that is frivolous but that hits my soul. This year's gift for myself was a gift for my ears - four albums by "Tool". I'm listening to them one by one to determine which songs I'll digitize and add to my play list, but there are a lot of songs that I love. I'm really happy to finally have them in my possession.

I purchased four Tool albums as my gift to myself this year.
One of them was this one - actually this is the one I'll
be listening to this morning before I unlock the doors to the shop. 

Is there one group, singer, or composition that you would go out of your way to listen to, to own, or to attend a concert from/of? There are some classical pieces that send me over the moon - Beethoven, Saint Saens, Rachmaninoff to name a few from the top of the pile. What kind(s) of music do you find yourself listening to day after day? What puts a smile on your face?

Many years ago, DH and I had season tickets to the St Paul
Chamber Orchestra. We really enjoyed them, but then my schedule
got horrific at work and DH's hearing got very bad, so we let the
tickets go. 

I have a very eclectic musical taste. I was raised with Classical music and show tunes, continuing on with Classical music to this day (sometimes listening daily, other times much less, but always there in the background). For a few years I listened to Country, but the genre that I loved and kept coming back to time and time again was Rock - more specifically Heavy Metal.

For classic rock, it doesn't get much better than Aerosmith. Steven Tyler,
Joe Perry and the boys put on a great show. I've seem them several times
in concert and it's always been great fun! 

Although I enjoy classic Rock, I really wanted to know who was putting out today's "blow your mind" music. When I got my Mazda several years ago, it had a trial for Sirius radio so I started listening to their Rock stations and Sirius' "Octane" has been on daily ever since. There's some wonderful music being released these days. Rock most certainly ISN'T dead.

One of the groups I really love in the newer Rock genre is "Halestorm". Lizzie
Hals and her brother are amazing musicians and Lizzie's voice is so powerful!
I have quite a few of her songs on my swimming rotation. Great stuff! 

It's Friday. Today should be sunny, and we'll probably be slow at the shop because everyone will be out buying their plants for their gardens and mowing their lawns for the first time this season. But it's all good. The customer count may be down because of the nice weather, but we get to enjoy that sunshine too, and we're not huddling in our sweaters whenever the shop door opens. Have a great Friday, and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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