Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

Here I am, another "day off" and another day with errands to run all over town. At least today won't be a weather day - no rain, no snow, no sleet, no dark of night. LOL I might actually be able to enjoy blue skies, sunshine, flying birds and a reminder that Spring has sprung as I drive around today. But even though the weather will cooperate, my schedule will still be hectic and a bit crazy. So it goes - LOL. 

I always laugh when I see leaping lambs in the Spring. They're
so cute!!! Of course, as someone who used to spin and weave,
I'm extremely fond of lambs in general anyway, but the young
ones are such a hoot! 

What a difference a week makes. Today, although I'm still wearing my larger shoes, I won't be in excruciating pain, so I'll actually be able to grocery shop where/when I need to and might not spend next week looking at my pantry with dismay. I'm still hurting a bit - but I have a high pain threshold and that silly cracked bone is healing. I'm not back to normal - that's going to take the six weeks that bones take. But I'm much, much better, only limping slightly, and as long as I don't overdo, I'm fine for reasonable walking events. I don't think I would be up to three days at the State Fair, but tackling the aisles of the grocery store is an achievable goal. 

I've always loved this photo. Is it real? Is it photoshopped? I really don't
care either way. It's beautifully conceived and put together. 

I will leave this short and sweet today. It's trash collection day and I have buckets to take out to the curb and last-minute things to make do. No day of rest on my "day of rest". Have an excellent Wednesday, I'll be back tomorrow.  

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